Monday, May 16, 2016

She's in South America

McKay is now in Colombia, South America doing her service mission. It was crazy that they detained her when she arrived. She was supposed to have a certain letter to work in the school. It needs to verify that it was service and not a paid position.

We celebrated her birthday at dinner before she left. 

It was hard to let her go, but I knew that she is following her own big dreams. They finally let her in the country and the agent was trying to get her to be his girlfriend. CRAZY!

She said it's CRAZY hot and she is dying from the heat. 
She is face timing me and said she has a fan on her at all times that she can. She has already started teaching and helping the children at the local school. She will help them with English and Spanish.

We also have a NEW member of the family.
MILO is Tyler's new puppy. He is a labrador and is so sweet and mellow. He is 8 weeks old and the sweetest little dog.
Ty has "Milo's Rules" and we are all helping him
to get her trained. I am super proud of Tyler. He paid for her and is doing everything to train and take care of him.

I am very proud of his big heart and he has always wanted a dog. 

So I am THRILLED to let you know about all my home decor magnet boards that are nationwide at Ross Dress for Less chain stores.

I visited my local store and found two of them. They were out of the other designs. I am really so thankful for this. I always knew I wanted to grow my business and brand into the home decor market and seeing this happen has been something that has given me so much joy. This week I am missing the yearly NEW YORK STATIONERY SHOW. I was sad and really tried to figure out a way to do this and then be in Hawaii the same week. 

I just knew my personal limits and I decided to go to Hawaii for the  Silhouette Summit since this was a great opportunity to talk  at the event. I am talking about my LIFE and BUSINESS. 
I have named my presentation after one of the quotes in my book-

So I will be in Hawaii in TWO days and I will be back in NYC next year. Zach starts his STATE baseball games tomorrow and Wednesday and I just couldn't miss this!!!!!

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