Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SHINE ON--- Teresa Collins Vegas Event 2016

I am a firm believer in when I teach or host events that there needs to be a message. Each year I host my Teresa Collins Vegas event. This year, I knew I wanted a POWERFUL 
theme to go with what I have wanted to present. 
The event is in Henderson Nevada at the Green Valley Resort and Spa- September 22-24th. It is all about being creative and sharing this with 300 other people. I have a keynote opening ceremony on Thursday night. THANKFULLY I have the very inspiring and popular WHIPPY CAKE- Becki Crosby coming to start the event with a bang.

All day Thursday are Ala Carte classes and are always a big hit. These are mini 2 hour classes that anyone can sign up for.

The event theme this year is 
SHINE ON!!!!!!!

 I wanted to share the message of how we each SHINE. We are unique, valued, and loved. We can share our SHINE will others. I love how SHINY things attract others. I love positive messages and reminders of how special we each are.

Friday and Saturday I have six big workshops for the students. They take three each day. This year the CELEBRITY guest teachers are Lisa Bearnson, Richard Garay, Margie Aslett- Romney, and Deanna Hutchinson (Canadian Superstar!!!) and myself. We are going to teach classes (scrapbooking) and do a project that we know they will LOVE. It is so much fun and I look forward to this yearly celebration!!!!

The event is so big that we have to put all the attendees into three large groups. This year the participants will be in one of these groups:

Who does not want to be a diamond? 

The second group is the STARS. I love that STARS are so beautiful and unique. 

The third group is GOLD. Yes, we are all GOLD and of value. I can't wait for this year. I wanted to have groups that all SHINE. 

I never advertise this event and often I am asked "WHY?". I have been blessed to have a yearly event that just continues to grow. So this year, we added more spots. This is our largest year ever.
This week I had several people who can't come but still wanted the kits. This opens up spots for people to attend the actual event. So if you are interested in coming I do have a few spots left and you can sign up by contacting Danielle.

The cost is $325.00
The hotel group rate is $145.00 per night & tax and is large enough to share with friends coming. Danielle can help you with this is you are interested in joining us. 

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scrapwordsmom said...

I will be in Vegas that week!! What a GREAT line-up of teachers...Lisa is the BEST. What a treat those girls are all in for:) HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

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