Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The MOMENT you were born

The moment you were born my heart exploded with love. How could a little baby that I had never known totally capture my heart like this?
I was instantly in love with Cooper.
He was born by c-section and he had some issues when he was born and had to be in the intensive care unit.

I just knew my life would forever be better because of him. So crazy how life is... I believe LOVE grows and being a grandmother has made me so much MORE. 

Everyone loves Coop!
He is sweet, so well behaved and just so easy going. I know Gentry and Devan are very blessed that he has been such a easy baby.

Watching Gentry with Coop really just touches a place in my heart that makes me happy. It makes me realize that maybe I did some good things along the way. I love that I get to see Coop often. I  love that he loves me too. I can't wait until he can talk and we can communicate. 

Last weekend he was in S. California and loving the beach. He is quite the walker now. He loves his cousins and especially the twins.

I think he is big mixture of his mommy and daddy.
His personality and his looks.

He has only two bottom teeth and he is a good sleeper. I know he is hard for them to take to church. He just wants to go go go....

I know he will always have me to love and support him. I am so thankful they are close so I can spend one on one time with him. 

This made my DAY!!!!!!

I love you Cooper!
Happy 1st Birthday.
Having you forever in my life and heart is something that I am so thankful for. 
I will love you forever. 

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Teri said...

Honestly, I have two beautiful grandkids, but this little guy has to be one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen!!! From his very first picture till now... I would smooch on him like crazy every time I saw him!! And I'm sure you do! All of your grands are simply fabulous!! Enjoy every second!!!!
Hugs, Teri

maryz said...

What a cute baby!!! Let grows healthy and happy!

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gela said...

Oh my Cuteness. He is so adorable. Happy birthday!!!

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