Thursday, September 29, 2016


Thrilled to be going to Paris France.
Yes, I love to travel and this is actually a BIG inspiration trip and I  will be teaching one WORKSHOP on December 3rd. 
This is a big project. Lots of my NEW and best of Christmas paper collections and product. 

Have I mentioned that I love PASSIONATELY what I do?

Heads up... I just found out BRAND NEW TC albums are now at TJ MAXX throughout the USA. I was wiped out of ALL of the inventory of my 8.5 x 11 GOLD ALBUMS and the BLACK AND WHITE CABANA ALBUMS. 

So I was doing photo shoots today, product design and doing some promo's for my new lines in JoAnn today. I couldn't help but SMILE nonstop and be thankful. I never get tired of doing what I do. 

Also, this is the amazing line up of SOME of the teachers coming to my next VEGAS event. Remember to sign up with Registration begins from our wait list on October 10th 2016.

Now on a more personal note. I love having Spencer (Brian's 16 year old son) living with us. Oh my it's been a huge blessing. Zach left on his mission and it left Tyler (age 17) here with Brian and I. Imagine our surprise when a week before school starts that we got a call from Spencer. He asked if he could move in that night. Yes, he wanted to come live with his dad and I right away. It was nothing we had ever even talked about or discussed but we knew he wanted and needed to be with us. This boy is a bright spot in my life and heart. Little did I know that Ty and Spencer would become INSTANT brothers and so close. They share "girl stories", both LOVE cars and "boy stuff." They like to go on drives together and they both agree that Milo (our new dog) does not smell bad. Ha! Good thing I know better and tell them Milo needs baths. In a nutshell, we are blessed. Spencer started Corner Canyon High School (he's a junior)  by our home and he LOVES it. Once again I am reminded to simply FOLLOW your HEART in all that you do!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

HELLO I am B A C K !!!!!!!

OH MY... it's been quite a while. I have MISSED blogging so very much. I have missed SHARING and hearing from YOU. You could say I have been busy with LIFE, FAMILY and BUSINESS. So let's play CATCH UP.

*LOVED the National Crop of Artescrap with Diana in Mexico with Teresa Collins. I want to go back NOW!!!!! May 7th weekend.

*Watched Zach play AMAZING during State playoffs in baseball and May 2016 consumed me watching my boy play. He finished like a STAR. So proud of this boy!

*McKay went to serve a Humanitarian Mission to Colombia on May 14th. She taught English and LOVED her weeks there. (Summer break from Brigham Young University)

*Cooper turned 1 year OLD- May 17th. (he's quite the cutie!)

*Silhouette Summit in Hawaii- yes, I spoke at this amazing event in Oahu. PINCH me- I LOVED sharing my business and life in my speech. Oh how I LOVE designing and partnering with them. We did amazing things there.  (May 19-22nd)

*FUN trip (Brian's company retreat) in Jackson Hole, WY with his two youngest kids.

*May 31st- Brian's son got home fem his two year mission in Ecuador and I meet him for the FIRST time. Wow, this was so nerve wracking for me. Oh how thankful I am that he has accepted me and he actually moved in with us in August. Yes, when he's not in college he now will be living with us. 

June 3rd- Zachary graduated from Murray High School with honors. I KNOW that his dad was there to CHEER him on too. He has been accepted to all the schools he wanted to go to and has ultimately decided to go to BYU like the rest of his family. (brother, sisters, dad and mom). 

June 8th- They said it wouldn't last... ha! 

Brian and I celebrated ONE YEAR of marriage. This is a blog post deserving it's on post. Let's just say, I have learned and grown and faced challenges with being a bonus mother that I never expected. I could write a book on this. The solid truth is that Brian and I love each each other. I have learned to stand stronger for HIM and for US when faced with things that I never would have expected. It only made us CLOSER. I came from a 19 plus year marriage and it was not my choice to be widowed... Brian came from a very toxic marriage that ended in divorce. We have ongoing experiences from both of our "endings." Is that a gentle way to put it? Anyway- TRUST your heart, BUILD and do not BREAK and STAND up for the person and people in your HEART that you love.

Best trip ever! No cell, nothing but FAMILY time. Bonding time and BEAR WORLD in Idaho. I loved every moment of it. Taylor is the HOUSE MOM. Yes, typical first child and she keeps us all going. Taylor and Gentry took the lead on all meals, planning and I could not be more thankful.

So much fun. Each day was a FABULOUS fun activity with his AWESOME family. I love you Pat and Bill and Brian's family. They are the BEST family and my children and I have been BLESSED. (Lagoon, Zoo, Movies, Spruces Campground, Seven Peaks Water Park, Aquarium (Museum of Natural Curiosity, Swim Party)

*JULY 4th- FIRST FAMILY/FRIENDS SWIM COOKOUT PARTY- it was the best day and we had over 100 people at our home to celebrate. Next year we are doing it again.

* MISSIONARY- Nonstop parties and family events- I took the Summer off from traveling to be with family.  Zach was called to serve in Fortaleza Brazil and left for the Sao Paulo MTC on July 26th (Brian's birthday). So hard to leave him go... lots of tears, but I am a very proud mama. He gave the most amazing FAREWELL speech at church. Then he spoke to each of us alone and shared his heart and love for us. He took Brian and I us in together and this is what he said... "Brian, I hated you when I found out my mom was dating you. I listened to things that I shouldn't have and I thought you were the devil. Then I got to know you and love you. I realize that in this life I was meant to have two dads." Yes, many tears were shed.  We sure miss this young man.

*MILO entered our home and family. Ty has begged for a dog for 17 years. Well, our home is blessed to have our beautiful yellow lab. He's so CHILL. He's the most mellow happy puppy. He's getting bigger and bigger. I have NEVER had a pet in the home. This is BIG for me and for my heart. Oh how I love him!!!!

*Flying to Hudson OHIO to go over LOTS of my new product going into JoAnn Fabric and Crafts. Yes, this is their headquarters. New GOLD GLAM to debut within 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!

*Silhouette Conference Show in Long Beach CA- mixed with family trip to Disney, the beautiful CA beaches and LOVED every moment. August 18th-23rd.

*August 25th- Capri and Beckett turned ONE YEAR old! These two are the BEST. I adore them. Taylor had their 1st birthday party here and it was a HUGE big swim party. She is quite the party planner!!!!!

September 7-19th- SOUTH AFRICA- honored to go back again to this amazing country. I taught in Cape Town and then Johannesburg. We had a wonderful SAFARI at Kichaka in between and made the most amazing memories. Brian and I can't wait to go back. I have many beautiful fans there and my heart was AGAIN forever touched. This is a trip that YOU have to make happen someday.

September 21st- TC VEGAS EVENT in Henderson NV
Loaded up my family, team and a 22 foot truck to head to my event. I do this yearly at the Green Valley Resort and Spa. It was SOLD OUT and yet we keep making it work. Sign ups will go live on October 10th to those who are on the list. Email Elsha to be on the list. ( If you want to see more please go to my Teresa Collins Facebook page or Instagram page. I was WOWED by my keynote speaker this year- WHIPPY CAKE. We do this at the event starter to get everyone INSPIRED from the very start. I just got home on Sunday night and so I am pretty tired and already working on 2017. 

Teresa Collins Vegas Event is September 21-23rd 2017!!!!!!! 

Okay- that was a crazy update. I did not add so much but I did add it more for me. I am a huge believer in documenting. HUGE. Document WHAT and WHO matters most. FOCUS on WHO matters most. I am so very thankful to be back blogging. I missed YOU! 

Last but not least... UPCOMING things to share!!!!

*Seth is getting married to Ellie October 14th!!!!!

*Join me at Pinner's Conference at my booth and take my workshops NOVEMBER 4-5th in SLC

*Teaching in Paris France... yes, going to France November 28th!!!
Workshop is December 3rd- Saturday. WAIT for the announcement which will be THIS week.

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