Tuesday, October 18, 2016

YOU are your own INVESTMENT!!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY... I did not expect the reaction from my blog post yesterday. THOUSANDS of you read and many of you felt prompted to share with me. I have been "overwhelmed" with love, support and stories being shared. THANK YOU!  

This has been going on since I met my sweet husband. It's just been an ongoing "trial" to face.  I only shared because I am not hiding anything. I did nothing wrong. I love that my sister in law called me yesterday. Yes, Ty's sister is STILL my sister and family. She talked about the blog post. She knew that her brother, my husband would be PROUD that I stood up publicly for US... for HIM...for our children... for his memory... for ME... for our TRUTH. I just set the record very straight.

Now with so many people reading and reacting to my blog. I want to share something. I am a GIP. I learned this from Whippy Cake when she was my keynote speaker at my event.

                    "GIRL IN PROGRESS" 

I want to talk about YOU. I want to talk about me. I realize that so often we don't see how SPECIAL we are. We compare,  may lack confidence, and often don't do for ourselves. We are so HARD on ourselves at times. If you are a people pleaser like I am... it can be especially hard. So I want to tell you this. I learned and decided to make ME my own INVESTMENT! 

                 Does that even make sense? 
Yes.... YOU are your own investment. Take the time to focus on being the best you, to FEEL your best, to feel confident about YOU!!! I had a conversation with my dear friend today about doing things to feel FABULOUS in your life. 

We TAKE the time to watch tv, follow social media, to go out to eat, to ______________ FILL IN THE BLANK. Do you take the time to be the BEST you! 

We follow those famous celebrities... we compare, but guess what INVEST this time in YOU... your own life. Whippy Cake said something so cool. She said, "BE THE CELEBRITY OF YOUR OWN LIFE." 

As a mother, I knew I needed my children to LOVE themselves first. I taught them how to take care of themselves, their bodies, do their hair, how to dress, and to CARE about themselves and to FEEL their personal best.   Even with this, people can be cruel.  I don't think it has to do with WHAT you look like. I think investing in you is about doing things you LOVE, loving WHO you are, but also doing things to make you the BEST you!!!!!  I invest in loving myself everyday. Are you worth it? YES, you are. Please don't sell yourself short. Take the time to do things for YOU. MAKE the time... invest in you so that you FEEL the most amazing YOU. 

I had a conversation with Brian last night on this. The happier I am with me... the happier I am in every aspect of my life. I see my many weaknesses and I know what I need to do to improve. I often will do things to "invest" in myself. I will buy a book, take a nap, try new makeup, buy wonderful smelling perfume, etc. We are all unique and different. 

Okay- sorry but this is WHAT I have been thinking about. I had the best meeting this morning at Silhouette headquarters. So much is going on in my business. I am so happy!!!!! I love my world of design. Please join me at Pinner's Conference November 4th-5th. 2016. We are doing a booth together. I am also sponsored by Fiskars. I am doing ONE class only on Saturday at 3:30 pm if you want to sign up. It's a DIY journal planner workshop. So many things are HAPPENING right now and I am planning an event with Silhouette in Utah this February 2017 too.  MORE details very soon. 

LAST... I am going to the doctor to get this crazy itchy rash looked at. Wish me luck. Have a FABULOUS day!

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Kathy said...

This is so good Teresa! You have to take care of you.I love reading your blog. Hugs!

Kathy said...

This is so good Teresa! You have to take care of you.I love reading your blog. Hugs!

teresa collins said...

Thank you Kathy. YOU are always so happy and positive. xoxo

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