Thursday, November 17, 2016


This week has been ongoing emotions. I am most grateful for my husband and kids who have lifted me. I am grateful for my closest friends. The past two weeks have been one in which I knew I needed to keep busy and allow my heart to PONDER and just "feel."

I actually was so productive in that I made a decision to face some things I needed to do. I cleaned out areas in my home that needed to be done since we moved in. I was "dreading" doing it. I woke up one day and a thought came to me- IF NOT NOW... WHEN? I realized that I needed to JUST DO IT. I decluttered and freed my space and it felt so fabulous. I think it actually freed my mind. I spent a lot of time doing this PURGE in my home and designing from home (dual duty). I can only say it gave me much peace to face something I had been avoiding. 

I wanted to share something that has been on my mind a lot. I am a firm believer in INVESTING in yourself. I believe in surrounding yourself with those that are REAL and love you EVERY DAY... they are with you on the good and bad days and the relationship goes both ways. This is one of my favorite quotes:

I believe we should surround ourselves around those people who LIFT us. They INSPIRE us. They understand and want the best for us. So I love this thought-

I feel this is so true. This is something to think about. I feel that I have always strived to be the friend I want others to be to me. 

Anyway, I was most grateful to spend the day with my kids and go to Ty's grave with the all my kids that could come. It was
fun to write messages on paper and send them up to Heaven tied to balloons. We shared many memories and shared dinner at Red Robins (Ty's fave restaurant). I am most thankful for the memories we each have and hold sacred. We would laugh and cry and it was really helpful to do this together.

This is some of the thoughts expressed by the kids:

It's been two years since we said goodbye to Tyler. This morning I was thinking a lot about him and what he's doing in the spirit world. I realized that he's using this time to grow closer to his Heavenly Father and to help others do the same. Today when we went to visit his grave we sent notes up to heaven. We told him what we were going to do to be like him and strengthen ourselves and those around us. Death is hard and we still miss you so much Dad but God's plan is great. I love and miss you than you can say, think, or feel.

Oh I miss this guy a lot! It is strange how grief works. How at any moment something will remind me of him and the tears start to come. It can be the smallest thing. I tell Beckett and Capri stories about their Papa all the time. Sometimes they are the stories that make me laugh. Sometimes I tell them about how hard headed he was and drove me nuts! I think I get some of my stubbornness from him. But I mostly tell them about how much he would have loved them. His Grand babies were his world. It never gets easier missing someone. I can't believe it has been two years since you have been gone. I miss you Dad! Love you more then anything you can say, think or feel!

We spent the afternoon at the grave telling stories and writing messages to send up to heaven. Cooper even drew a picture for his Grandpa. It was a happy day. I cried from wishing his life didn't have to end so soon this morning, but this evening was full of laughter and smiles as we reminisced and told our favorite memories and stories to each other. We ended the day by going to dinner at the only place I remember going out to eat growing up, Red Robin... his favorite restaurant. It's amazing how much has changed in two years, yet I remember conversations vividly as if they occurred today. We miss you Dad! Thanks for watching over us down here.

I am so thankful for my kids that truly lift me. They are my world. I love them and they keep me going. I want to share "our" story because I know so many of you can relate even if your story is different. 

So tomorrow is the BIG day. I will open my office during the day for a SPECIAL SALE- all the details are in my previous posts.

10am-4:00 pm
78W 13775 South Suite 8

(right off IKEA EXIT- Bangerter HWY)
All proceeds are donating in Tyler's name to Huntsman Cancer Institute. 

*TC wrapping paper ($1), all my books, albums, papers, etc.
I am opening my office for a few hours. I hope you will come and visit us. 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


This morning I woke up to my cute McKay calling me. She asked how I was doing and then we talked about our family day. We are meeting to go to the grave and then dinner as a family. I only wish all of our kids were here today. 

Right after we hung up, there was a knock on my bedroom door. It was baby Ty. He came in before he went to school. Ty walked over to my side of the bed.  I said, "hey bud, what's up?" and he replied I just wanted to do this and gave me the BIGGEST strong hug.  So you can see the tender feelings are here and they don't go away.

It's been TWO years. I decided to share the video that was put together in Tyler's honor for his funeral. I watched it again this morning with Brian by my side. I proudly showed him the video and mentioned the kids and things about Tyler. 

Grief is ongoing... it is not something that simply just goes away. The truth is LOVE is love and you don't stop loving someone because they died. TODAY we are going to unite as a family to celebrate Tyler. I am going to go buy flowers for the grave and am just so thankful for my belief that Ty is our angel.

It's hard because of days like today. I would like to just stay in bed. I want to just allow myself to do nothing but "feel" all that comes. I can't even describe what I mean. I hope that makes sense. However, I am going to my office and prepare for the office sale this Friday. I know Tyler would be happy that I am doing this. I know he is helping me STILL as my business and family go on. So if you want to come on Friday... all the details are in my previous post.

Now go hug and share your love to the people who you love the most!!!

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

DEATH is not the END....

This was 2 years ago today. This was right before Ty passed away and my boys were so strong. I was at the hospital every day at this point and I was deeply worried how the boys were doing. How do you prepare your children for the death of a parent? They have been so brave and kept me going. 

I was talking to my best friend today. I was dreading Christmas again this year. I was feeling a little panic. For three years we did not have a Christmas tree because of Tyler being sick. I had lost my desire to celebrate. I think with his cancer battle and his death before Thanksgiving, I had just "went through" the holidays. Celebrating was so very hard.  I can honestly say that it is because of my children that I got out of bed in the morning. It is because of them that I picked myself up and HAD to go on. I was totally unprepared on how to be alone after 19 years. Nothing can prepare you for the loss of your husband and your children's father. 

I can honestly say that the bad times and the sad times were so HARD. I cried nonstop. I begged for a miracle. It was hard to get through each day trying to smile and find joy watching someone I loved so much in pain. I never was angry or bitter. I just felt SAD. I knew I could not go "around" the trial and suffering. I had to FACE it head on and go right "THROUGH" it. There was no detour or way around it.

I know that Heavenly Father was there every moment of the way in this journey for our family and me personally. It was personal and profound. I felt moments of sheer "warmth." It was like a blanket was wrapped around me. I was being watched over and loved in my journey. I know without a doubt that God is real. Tyler was my biggest fan and he LOVED his family MORE than anything. He was the biggest hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman. He loved guns and was a huge Ted Nugent fan. He made me laugh because he was so STUBBORN in his views. I want you to know I am a better ME because of him. I am feisty and I learned to be ME and a better ME by being married to him. We challenged each other. I learned so much in my business from him. He never worked with me, but he was so good with money. He was very smart and was such a hard worker. Tyler taught me to never have debt. He would say "live under your means." He was wise and I was blessed to learn from him. I taught him how to be more "sensitive" with emotional issues. Go figure- me emotional?

I know in so many small and "profound" ways he lets me know he's still here. Tyler is still watching over us and is proud of us for the things that we continue to do to live life without him here.  I look at our two boys and I'm literally crying as I think about the blessing that I was given to raise these amazing boys.  We wanted more children together but was advised with my stroke, while pregnant with Tyler to be done having children. I knew it was the RIGHT decision. He sure loved his children. He called the girls "my girls." I loved this so very much.  I am so thankful that Tyler and I were blessed to have Ty and Zach and our crazy blended family. 

We had the hardest time deciding when deciding to name our youngest son. We were at the hospital and it was time to go home. They wanted us to name the baby boy before we left. Tyler literally had went out to get the truck to go home. They had asked me to put a name on the birth certificate and I was fighting the feelings. I don't know why but I felt so impressed to name our youngest son Tyler. I now know that baby Ty was named after his father so that he could carry on his name. 

Tyler came back into the hospital room and I had written in Tyler Lee Collins. He was reluctant at first about naming him after him. He had such a special bond with baby Ty. I often have thought it was meant to be. Tyler and Ty were buddies. Baby Ty (yes, he's 17 years old) was quite the challenge with a strong personality and Ty could handle him in ways I have never been able to.  I'm so grateful I listened to that prompting to name him after his father. It makes me very grateful that he is baby Ty forever. I'm so grateful that I have these boys and my girls. 

Zach is serving a mission and doing so well there. His weekly messages are beyond profound. He just wants to love and serve others. He's lost a lot of weight too. Tyler is doing applications for college.  I think he wants to go to University of Utah. I know crazy right? All of our children have went to BYU but he is following his own journey. This makes me happy. 

I believe that we can go through and do all things especially hard things through our faith in Jesus Christ. I will never doubt the tender feelings and witness that I received when Tyler was close to death. Death is not the end. 

Okay, I want to share something really cool. Pinner's Conference was amazing so I have decided to do a OFFICE SALE. 

Yes, my office. I am not doing it at my warehouse. I am opening it this FRIDAY:  NOVEMBER 18th from 10am-4pm. Come and SHOP and talk to me and my team.

I am selling my beautiful gold wrapping paper for $1.00 a roll. Yes, and I am setting up tables to sell some of my products RIGHT at my office. I want to give back so EVERYONE that comes gets a gift from me. I am donating all sales that day to honor Tyler to charity. I am donating it to the HUNTSMAN CANCER INSTITUTE in Tyler's memory. I have albums, gift wrap, my books, papers, punches, so much more. The prices are incredible too. I am giving you free reign in my office to shop and to do something for me and my family in Tyler's memory. I am so thankful to be able to do this.  

My office is right off 1-15 (IKEA EXIT- Bangerter HWY). I will even have treats and diet coke. It would be well worth your drive.  I would love for you to come and meet me and my team.

Friday  November 18th 2016
10am- 4:00 pm 
Teresa Collins office (not my warehouse!)
78 W 13775 South Suite 8
Draper UT 84020

Many of you will ask if we ship product. YES! 

My website only shows some of the products I have and it needs to be updated. If you are want to purchase anything can get you anything you want or need. 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

YOU SHOULD BE HERE... dedicated to Tyler Lewis Collins

I have days where I just don't even know how to explain the deep ache and pain that happens when life moments happen that TYLER should be here. I will apologize right now that I have cried many tears as I attempt to do this blog post.  

Tyler and I had a crazy BEAUTIFUL blended family, often it was just Ty and I and "The Boys." That is what we called Zach and Tyler.  "The Boys" were "our" boys. Oh how he loved his "buddies" as he called them. 

This song came on the radio and I could not stop crying.
                               YOU SHOULD BE HERE

I know that as we are days away from the two year anniversary since Tyler died, my heart is so tender. I just can't articulate the ache in my heart as I watch our boys grow up without a dad at such a young age. This has been so hard. I know my blog post on Saturday explained my feelings and I so appreciated reading your comments and understanding. So many of you KNOW exactly what I expressed. You have lived it.  

I saw this man, my husband fight like the bravest person.  I honestly thought he would survive. I did not accept the "terminal" diagnosis. Tyler was so in love with our family, our children and "THE BOYS." He spent so much time with Zach and Tyler especially.  
At one point, he told me "he couldn't die because
I could not be alone. I could not do it without him."
He said, "the boys" need me so I have to live at least five more years." 

This is my baby. He was "our" baby. We have always called him baby Ty. He is named after his father Tyler L Collins.
He is 17 years old and a Senior at Murray High School.
He is incredibly bright and so much his dad.
He did get my blue eyes and blond hair. ha!

I will never forget being 7 months pregnant and having a stroke while I was carrying this handsome boy. I remember Tyler physically carrying me into the ER that Friday night. He saved my life and our unborn son. He and I always babied our youngest because of this. The entire family felt baby Ty got away with everything. Maybe it was true. I never knew when I named him that day in the hospital that he would be carrying on his father's name at such a young age.

Baby Ty is wise beyond his years. He is so stubborn just like his dad and I see Tyler so much in our son.
He seriously can fix and figure out how to do things that most grown adults/men can not do. Right now, he is in the welding program through his high school. He is talented enough that he is working part time as a welder after school.
He has a high GPA and is applying to colleges right now.

Tonight, he showed me this photo and it "triggered" this post. 
Yes, crazy ugly cry going on.
Tyler should be here. I wish he didn't have to miss this and that my son did not have to deal with his teenage years without a father's guidance. 


I am so not ready for Tyler to be grown up. 

He is FOREVER my baby and I'm trying hard to be the best MOM and role model to him. I can't replace his FATHER. So the "trigger" was HARD tonight. I remembered the conversation Ty and I the last day of his life. I know Tyler wanted so much to see Ty graduate and go off to college. I made him a promise. 
I will never forget our tender conversation.
I promised him that I would raise our sons to KNOW and remember DAILY his love for them.
I promised they would KNOW how hard he FOUGHT to stay here with them.. with me.. with our family. 
He visited with the children and expressed his feeling and love and gave them advice the day before he died. Seth and McKay were serving missions for our church. I have since shared tender love messages with each of the children. I know that the memories are GOLD. The stories and feelings are FOREVER. They are REAL. I know that death is just a goodbye for NOW. 

Ty promised to watch over us. He was going to kick them in the butt if they messed up. He told them if they ever felt a pinch on their bum... it was him. I remind my kids of this. I heard a song today on the radio... it was by Cole Swindell. 

Tears overwhelmed me as I heard the lyric- 
You should be here. 
I want my handsome son to know YOU mean everything to me and your dad. We are proud of you. 

As Brian came in the bedroom, I was typing this post and crying the BIG "ugly" cry. I told him what I was feeling. I love that he simply hugged me and understood. Oh how our situation is so different. I am thankful that he understands my heart. As he left me alone to just "feel" I could not help but feel thankfulness come into my soul. I was reminded of the miracle of finding someone like Brian. I find so much STRENGTH on my weakest moments from him and his love for me. 

This was our wedding song and it brings peace to my soul.      

As I embrace each day I remember that I can smile and be thankful for ALL that I have had, the beautiful memories, the hard times and the times that I have stumbled and felt broken. I can go on knowing that I can endure hard things with LOVE and thankfulness. I will just be GRATEFUL. The "triggers" show that I am real and that I will never forget or not appreciate EVERY single person in my life. Thank you Tyler Collins for loving me and our family so much. I am reminded every day of this in a thousand ways. 

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I am getting ready to set up for Pinner's Conference tomorrow. I had meetings all day today and I think my brain is MUSH.
So tonight I thought I would share a little about Pinner's.
The show is going to be at the Salt Palace (downtown SLC).
I am bringing pallets of my gold foil wrapping paper. We kept running out last show and this year I am prepared.

I am doing my booth with Silhouette this year too. The new TC Cameo 3 bundle and FABULOUS make n takes are happening and demos. I would talk more but I honestly can't focus tonight. 

So I thought I would SHARE about my event in Vegas that is NOW available to sign up and register for.  This is the 9th year. Each year I like to evolve and try and add new things. 

So 2017 TC VEGAS is going to be EPIC!!!!!

Join us for a LUAU party. 
I am not sharing the actual theme until JANUARY 1st.

The event starts on Thursday with a LUAU party. Yes, come dressed and there will be music, food, and entertainment. 
If you want you can even sign up for amazing ala carte workshop on Thursday during the day.

The event is SIX premiere workshops. Sept 21-23rd.
It's at the Green Valley Resort and Spa in Henderson, NV.

We would LOVE to have your join us. We have guests
come from all around the world. 

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