Thursday, November 17, 2016


This week has been ongoing emotions. I am most grateful for my husband and kids who have lifted me. I am grateful for my closest friends. The past two weeks have been one in which I knew I needed to keep busy and allow my heart to PONDER and just "feel."

I actually was so productive in that I made a decision to face some things I needed to do. I cleaned out areas in my home that needed to be done since we moved in. I was "dreading" doing it. I woke up one day and a thought came to me- IF NOT NOW... WHEN? I realized that I needed to JUST DO IT. I decluttered and freed my space and it felt so fabulous. I think it actually freed my mind. I spent a lot of time doing this PURGE in my home and designing from home (dual duty). I can only say it gave me much peace to face something I had been avoiding. 

I wanted to share something that has been on my mind a lot. I am a firm believer in INVESTING in yourself. I believe in surrounding yourself with those that are REAL and love you EVERY DAY... they are with you on the good and bad days and the relationship goes both ways. This is one of my favorite quotes:

I believe we should surround ourselves around those people who LIFT us. They INSPIRE us. They understand and want the best for us. So I love this thought-

I feel this is so true. This is something to think about. I feel that I have always strived to be the friend I want others to be to me. 

Anyway, I was most grateful to spend the day with my kids and go to Ty's grave with the all my kids that could come. It was
fun to write messages on paper and send them up to Heaven tied to balloons. We shared many memories and shared dinner at Red Robins (Ty's fave restaurant). I am most thankful for the memories we each have and hold sacred. We would laugh and cry and it was really helpful to do this together.

This is some of the thoughts expressed by the kids:

It's been two years since we said goodbye to Tyler. This morning I was thinking a lot about him and what he's doing in the spirit world. I realized that he's using this time to grow closer to his Heavenly Father and to help others do the same. Today when we went to visit his grave we sent notes up to heaven. We told him what we were going to do to be like him and strengthen ourselves and those around us. Death is hard and we still miss you so much Dad but God's plan is great. I love and miss you than you can say, think, or feel.

Oh I miss this guy a lot! It is strange how grief works. How at any moment something will remind me of him and the tears start to come. It can be the smallest thing. I tell Beckett and Capri stories about their Papa all the time. Sometimes they are the stories that make me laugh. Sometimes I tell them about how hard headed he was and drove me nuts! I think I get some of my stubbornness from him. But I mostly tell them about how much he would have loved them. His Grand babies were his world. It never gets easier missing someone. I can't believe it has been two years since you have been gone. I miss you Dad! Love you more then anything you can say, think or feel!

We spent the afternoon at the grave telling stories and writing messages to send up to heaven. Cooper even drew a picture for his Grandpa. It was a happy day. I cried from wishing his life didn't have to end so soon this morning, but this evening was full of laughter and smiles as we reminisced and told our favorite memories and stories to each other. We ended the day by going to dinner at the only place I remember going out to eat growing up, Red Robin... his favorite restaurant. It's amazing how much has changed in two years, yet I remember conversations vividly as if they occurred today. We miss you Dad! Thanks for watching over us down here.

I am so thankful for my kids that truly lift me. They are my world. I love them and they keep me going. I want to share "our" story because I know so many of you can relate even if your story is different. 

So tomorrow is the BIG day. I will open my office during the day for a SPECIAL SALE- all the details are in my previous posts.

10am-4:00 pm
78W 13775 South Suite 8

(right off IKEA EXIT- Bangerter HWY)
All proceeds are donating in Tyler's name to Huntsman Cancer Institute. 

*TC wrapping paper ($1), all my books, albums, papers, etc.
I am opening my office for a few hours. I hope you will come and visit us. 

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