Tuesday, January 10, 2017


CHA is next week in Phoenix, Arizona. I have lost count over the years at how many trade shows I have attended. This year I am super excited that it will be in AZ for the very first time. Thousands of people will be there and it's the main show for the Craft industry. So of course I can't wait to show my new products. I will be in my partners booths. I have lots of meetings set up and I'm thrilled for my team to be with me. 

I'm not showing sneak peeks just yet, but I am beyond thrilled.  I thought I would share some HINTS with you about some big things happening.

My partnership with Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts is ongoing. I am releasing my BIGGEST program ever next month. FEB 2017 Nationwide to Jo-Ann exclusively. It's been something I have wanted to do for so long. I have felt this program needed to be a extensive product line to do it justice.

(gentry in front of my display at a Jo-Ann store location)

My collection GOLD GLAM is there now!!!!! If you have not seen it yet, well.... GO and see the cutest GLAM line ever!!!!
It's so beautiful and I'm so obsessed with the gold pineapple brads, gold bows, and well... the planners and notebooks are just my favorite. 

I have been doing motivational speaking for years now and it seems I get more and more opportunities to share my story both in business and life.  I have some exciting trips and opportunities coming up!!!!! 

Just a few places on the 2017 schedule to watch for me: New Zealand, Australia, Germany, New York, Texas, California, Las Vegas, etc. 

I want everyone to FOLLOW THEIR OWN DREAMS and know that it's possible. I am so excited for those of you joining me at the TC Vegas Event this year. 

Okay more... HINTS.... Xyron and I are STILL doing BIG & AMAZING products together. Hmmmm.... let's just say-

NEW Teresa Collins products with Xyron will be at the CHA show next week. Any guesses?


Next week, live from the show you will see the BRAND NEW products that I have coming out with Fiskars. Also, join me for make n takes at their booth!!!!

I will be in the Silhouette booth at CHA showing NEW TC design store images and doing a GOLD PINEAPPLE TC make n take on Saturday from 3:00-5:00 pm.

All you need is love is my brand new design that went into the Silhouette Design Store this week. Just in time for Valentines!!!!

I love working with Clearsnap and I know I'm biased but my INKS and wood stamps are the BEST!!
ha ha... It took me years to do inks and the new stamps because I wanted them to be perfect. Seriously, I am so in LOVE with my pigment inks. Come see what I have NEW at the show. 

Thank you for ALL the massive support to the Hobby Lobby TC Vinyl Wall Art. I am thankful that I am designing more and more. 

This one really meant so much to me. I did it for TYLER and everyone who is FIGHTING and needs to be a WARRIOR. It is in the TOP of the sales for the chain and I'm so thankful. Every time I see this I am reminded of Tyler. I know he is so cheering me on. 

2017 is exciting. I will not be showing the new Artwork at CHA but you will most definitely see it soon. I get home from CHA, Sunday to turn around to take a flight out the next morning to meet at Hobby Lobby for the day.  This is exciting times!!!

Now on a personal note- I wanted to share my gratitude. I have been doing "this" a long time. I love that I get to design products that hopefully INSPIRE both in the home, life and personally. I was getting my hair done today and we were talking about the NEGATIVE in the world. It's so everywhere!!!!!  I realized we can do SOMETHING. We can SHINE. We can personally share our LIGHT with the world. For me, I try to do it through my products. I try to do it by sharing my journey.  I simply want to live a life of NO regrets. I want to make my wrongs RIGHT and forgive myself and others along the way. I want to make a difference with the time I have been given. 

(credit: unknown- Pinterest)

I hope to see MANY of you at CHA. If not, I will be doing FACEBOOK LIVE and posting updates here, on instagram (TERESACOLLINSDESIGNS) and of course (you can always follow my "private" instagram page too- TERESACOLLINSWEBBER). I don't do SNAPCHAT publically. My kids and husband will tell you that YOU are not missing out. I might be obsessed with the filters and love to send them videos. 
My personal instagram is open to anyone (if you can handle the craziness!!!).

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