Thursday, February 23, 2017


I am going a little crazy cleaning and preparing my house and studio for the upcoming photo shoot next week. It's crazy because I even have contractors here at the house as I type. We moved in 1.5 years ago and I have completely redesigned the entire house. So for the HOME SHOW I will be using my house as a before and after with the tips and tricks I have used. 

So when I clean I listen to music. Today this SONG came on. It made me stop and smile and BLOG ... right now. It was a song my son Zach made me listen to. He was so cute and said right before his mission... "Mom, you have to listen to this song. It's about YOU. It's so how you were for dad. " I of course listened to it and cried and knew he "got" our relationship... his parents. 

I am thankful for this reminder today. 
I woke up this morning and I talked to Tyler about our boys. I thanked HIM for everything
that he taught me... I always ask for help in raising our children.
I know he is HERE still. I have no doubt he is helping me and our children
in ways that we can't see or understand. 

Then this song came on... I knew I had to share it. It made me smile!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

FOLLOWING my PASSION- week 6 and 30 lbs

It has been SIX weeks now. No sugar, no carbs and no soda for me!!!! Today I weighed in at the doctors office and I had lost 3.4 lbs this week. Holy Moly... I've lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks!!!!! I am doing the happy dance.

Okay- it has NOT been EASY.
It has been effort for every single pound that I lost. 
Dang, so much harder to LOSE it than put it on.
My cute "LOVE" diet being newly married was super fun at the time, but I can't eat like Brian. He can eat and eat and not gain weight. I realized that when I started feeling horrible physically that I should get back on track. So I was determined to FEEL like me again. 

The program I am doing is NOT easy. It's WORK and guess what? It DOES NOT WORK if I don't WORK it.
Every day I can make a choice. DO I WANT TO CHANGE MY HEALTH AND APPEARANCE? 

Yes, I am.
I am determined to not only lose all the weight I put on, but 
I have BIG GOALS ahead for me.
I will share those later. I am in CONTROL of my
life and in ME. I am the ONLY one who can do it.
I was READY. Positive mind and positive attitude is what I have going on my side. 

I won't allow myself to stop. Even if it's ONE pound. These pounds add up. Freak... 6 weeks ago I weighed 30 lbs more than I do today.
Guess what? 
I know in 6 more weeks, I will be only healthier and more determined. I am not putting off "living" life anymore.

It is day by day... one pound at a time. If you are feeling held hostage to your body and feeling you are hopeless... PLEASE know I have felt the same way. I found food as my "comfort." I realized I was in a way a "slave" to my addictions. I was drinking my diet soda non stop every single day. I was drinking so much caffeine and was still tried. I never drank water. I was celebrating life and my happiness with FOOD. 

I am changing. I feel like a new person. I am not even close to where I will be. I am taking my LIFE back. I will hike those mountains in April in Mexico. I will wear that bathing suit at the Silhouette Summit in May.  I will go on the TC Cruise and wear a bathing suit knowing I have worked my behind off. I will present at the HOME SHOW knowing I am in control of my life/my body and my health journey. I have stopped FEEDING myself with the things that don't truly FILL ME. 

TIP: first thing in morning- drink a big glass of WARM water with an entire lemon squeezed into it. Get your body going!!!!!

So I'm obsessed with beautiful designs. I love designing products that hopefully make someone else happy and MORE in love with their own home, office or surrounding. I also LOVE talking and sharing my passion. I love sharing how and what inspires me and how to grow your business. I will be at the Salt Lake Tribune Home & Garden show doing just that. I will be presenting on the BIG STAGE on Saturday May 11th at 4:00pm. I'm sharing my best tips on home decor and design and sharing lots of visuals. The topic I will be presenting is the following:

Do you need tips and tricks for how to decorate, adding style and on a budget? Do you need some fresh inspiration for ways to decorate your home? I am often asked how to decorate and find inspiration for the home at a affordable price. Join me at the Home Show as I give you my personal tips and share ideas to inspire you. 
So I hope you can join me if you are in the Utah area. I know that the HGTV super star "MAN CAVE" will be there presenting too. So many years ago, I think I was not near as confident in my choices in my home designs and choices. I became more confident with age and of course experience. I have learned to do trust my gut and use my design background as a foundation.

I haven't posted a lot of my own "home" design projects because I never wanted to come off as "look at me" "showoff" to be honest. I have always had a gift for designing and it actually began at a young age.  I have decided since I am doing the HOME SHOW that I will be sharing MORE of what I first did and love.  I will be sharing and opening my blog up to more of this aspect of my life and career. It has made it possible for me to venture beyond the craft industry. I like to think that I can help others follow their own "heart" too. 

Right now, I am redesigning my home office studio. We added shelves from IKEA and I will be putting some of my products on the shelves. I'm preparing for the professional photographer who is coming to take photos of the home next week. We have been in the house for 1.5 years and have completely redone the  entire house. It's been crazy but so rewarding! 

B Journal should be in stores within the week so I thought I would show a few images of the planners,  journals and notebook designs.

These two designs are 7.5 x 9.5 soft covers.
They are quite nice with 242 pages.

These designs are both the same size but are HARD covers. I can't pick a favorite.

I am in LOVE with the two notebook skus. You get all three designs in one package. They are larger 5x7 and perfect to keep in your purse or for notes. 

I am super in LOVE with the combination of Rose Gold with the elegant marble design.

This was a photo shoot by Rachel Parcell, celebrity lifestyle and fashion blogger who used one of the mini notebooks.

I love that you get all THREE designs in one package.  I am seriously in LOVE with this program. I am hearing that most stores will be all set with all my new products by next week.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

B JOURNAL- debuting NATIONWIDE this week!!!!!!

FINALLY, my excitement is OVER the top! My new program B JOURNAL is debuting NATIONWIDE at a little over 700 stores and ONLINE at this coming week at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. I have so many new products and this program looks like will be a ongoing PROGRAM. I have to admit, I was and am the biggest notetaker and I love to write and journal. I keep to do lists and I always have a notebook in my purse. I remind myself of all kinds of things and I need products that are SIMPLE but stylish. I use notebooks in all of my office meetings. I use notebook and planners for grocery shopping and my weight loss journey. So I was overwhelmed with all the stuff on the market. NOTHING spoke to me. I needed simplicity and stylish and planners/journals and notebooks that were guilt free. So about a year ago, I decided to design one for people just like me. It's personal enough and yet stylish enough to be your office mainstay. 

Finally, this coming week my new BEAUTIFUL program is setting NATIONWIDE at JoAnn Fabrics and Craft stores. 






So TODAY I am going to share a few more products from the collection. I will showcase MORE products EACH day this week too.

The program has COOPER and GOLD MARBLE envelopes in TWO sizes. You get BOTH sizes in the sku. I can't stop using these beautiful envelopes!!!!

PHOTOS do not do the oversized journals and planners justice. This is beautiful GOLD FOIL. I know you will love the quality too!

I love to add these to the outside of my books. 

I tried to think of everything you would need. The stamp set is a mixture of handwriting and your "task" reminders. I love the mini icons!!!!
Of course, you can use my beautiful pigment ink range with Clearsnap!!!!!

Metallic Designer B Journal Washi tape in Stainless Steel color with GOLD. Oh my... this tape is GORGEOUS!!!!

SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY- days of the week in my handwriting


SCALLOPS- can they be any cuter????
Yes, you will wants LOTS!

Then you have the TO DO WASHI tape.
In all, I have SIX new designs and styles.

This is ONLY a few of the products. I will show more tomorrow.
Can you see WHY I am so excited?
Also, remember this line is meant to be EASY-
GUILT FREE... it's all for YOU about YOU.
There are no rules...

I would LOVE to know WHAT you are most excited about?

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

LOVE does not END

Oh my... thank you for the comments and HUGE support. I had thousands of you READ my blog post and I was overwhelmed with  hearing from you. It showed me more than ever how much WE NEED EACH OTHER. We are not an island. WE together are stronger.

Yesterday, I was a TRIGGER day for me. 
I was driving to my most amazing dentist. Dr. Parkin is not only the BEST dentist but he was Ty's close friend.  Then Ty and I got married and then we became close as to them and their family. We traveled together and just became life long close friends. 

Rich was by Ty's side to the very end giving Tyler advice and support. He did the same for me and our children. I love him and his wife so much. So I went down the wrong street and realized I was driving by Ty's office. He practiced there for all the 19 years we were married. I saw the medical building and looked at the corner that had been his office suite. I immediately got tears. I felt the extreme pain of knowing he was gone. He was taken WAY too young. He loved his patients, he loved being a surgeon and he loved helping people. I thought on my youngest son who is struggling the worst from not having his dad here. I felt a moment of anger that "life is not fair." Then I drove the one block to Dr. Parkin's office. I sat in the car and just reflected. I prayed for comfort and to accept that we can't control life or death. I can only be thankful for WHAT is and WAS. 

I got my teeth cleaned and was reminded again, I brush too hard. Then Rich came in to examine my teeth. We naturally talked about family. I started to cry. I told him that I just still at times can't believe Tyler died. I told him that so many people may not understand my new journey. 
We talked about Tyler and what a STRONG man he was. He was so headstrong and determined. If he had his mind to do something- you could not stop him. He was always successful in life because he would not STOP until it happened. We talked about how much we missed him and stories. 
We talked about Brian and how BLESSED I was to have found him. Those of you who have met him, know he's a keeper. He is so strong in his love for me and he understands (I don't know how) my journey and being married to a widow. 
It ended up being a day of great of remembering Tyler.

Last night, I was really concerned for our youngest son. I was praying for guidance and it was in the middle of the night. I could not sleep. I felt so strongly that Tyler is with our son EVEN more than I can be. I felt Tyler so strongly right then with me letting me know he's with our son. I know this is personal and I don't want to share everything, but losing your dad starting at the young age of 13 to him dying when he was 15 years old has really been difficult for our youngest son. 

I wanted to share my little sweet babes on Valentines Day! They came to see me... or maybe Milo. They love to come here and I love to play with them. I have high chairs, play pens and toys now so they can come and spend the night. I love this most. The kids will all come and often they stay the night or weekend. THIS TO ME IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED LIFE to be like. 

This weekend it looks like McKay and Parker are both going to be here. Home from BYU and USU. 

McKay needs to start her wedding prep. Anyone want to come over Friday night and help? Any takers.... 
We are making beautiful white hanging "things" from gold thin wire. Not sure what McKay is calling them.
We make out of white tissue paper.

So I had to share McKay's engagement photos. I am in love. These were taken last month in the SNOWY Utah mountains. 

McKay and Mauro are getting married
April 20th (thursday)
in the Provo LDS Temple.
We have not done the invites and all friends and family
Reception will be in Provo that night and another
reception in Mexico to celebrate 
April 29th 2017.

I know that LOVE is truly what we are here to learn. We need to love ourselves and love others. I know that we can be married or single but we need to SPREAD LOVE to others. 
LOVE is the most powerful gift we can give not only ourself but 
those that we love.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WHY are we so HARD on ourselves? WEIGHT reality....LIVE LIFE

TODAY I am just getting REAL. So last week, I just was going through the motions of my health weightless journey. I adhered 100% to my eating program. I never cheat. I just can't mentally handle not doing something EXACTLY as I am supposed to. It's just me. I was working out and got sick for the last few days. Yep, so derailed on this one.  I couldn't work out.  I think okay... it's okay to miss working out. You are working from bed, napping and I even ventured to church for sacrament meeting. I met some BIG deadlines and hosted the BIG family party for Missy and our LOVE celebration.

So when I weighed in yesterday I was only... get this ONLY down 2 lbs. I felt DEFEATED... DEFEAT... oh my I did not meet the goal of 3 to 5 lbs they want from me. I was literally so disappointed. CRAZY right? 

I still weigh MORE than I have ever weighed my entire life and I've lost 25.8 lbs in 5 weeks. I was talking trash to myself on the way to the appointment. Teresa- How did you let yourself gain so much weight so fast? You weigh more than you ever did 9 months full term pregnant. You have got to stop eating so much. 

I kid you not... this was my "self talk" even before weigh in. I could tell they expected MORE from me.  How could I let them down? I felt the DEFEAT as I weighed in. ONLY TWO lbs... then I came home and Brian immediately could tell I was "defeated." BTW... this is just not me. I don't do this. WHAT is wrong with this picture? Well, it was my stupid and negative attitude. Guess what?  I had to immediately give myself a lecture. It's life and I can and will do this. I will have slower weeks, I will have sickness, monthly visits and setbacks even when I'm doing everything I am supposed to do.

WHY ARE WE OFTEN SO HARD ON OURSELVES????? Do you do this? Are you guilty as I am? 

So I thought about it and decided to SHARE my WHY. I am going to be so real and honest and I hope you don't get scared. If you read my book LIVE LIFE IN ALL CAPS, I talked about my childhood and the abuse I endured mentally and sexually as a child. I fought so hard to LOVE myself. I still do. I have always used FOOD as my TOOL for self love, comfort, happiness, celebration, punishment etc. 

I am the girl who doesn't want to eat a bowl of Breyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream... oh no, I can eat the entire carton. I am the girl who can't buy ice cream for the house, or I will eat it. I learned years ago, I'll pay 4x the amount to go buy it when I want it instead of having it in the refrigerator.  When Ty was sick and in bed, I would run to the store and buy ice cream and eat the entire thing and cry. When I found out his second transplant did not work and it was looking hopeless... I can't believe I'm sharing this but I went to McDonalds at 10 pm at night and ordered a Double Cheeseburger, Fries, XL Diet Coke, Strawberry Sundae with Nuts and ate it all in my car.  I threw away the evidence in the dumpster by our house.Yes, I had already had dinner. I just ate it to NUMB my broken heart. 

I told the story in my book about the ONE and only beauty pageant I was (forced) in. Did you know my mom (who loved me dearly) wanted me to be perfect? Yep, so to please her I did this local beauty pagent in Hickory, North Carolina. As a teenager, I was wanting to please my mom and so I said yes. I had to put on a "purple" one piece bathing suit and strut my stuff in front on hundreds of people and judges.  I remember my mother telling me my legs looks too big and I needed to lose 5 lbs more. It was NEVER enough. I needed to perfect. I remember shopping for that "swimsuit." I remember walking on that stage and ALL I could think about was "PLEASE, don't let my legs rub together, don't let me fall, please can I just be invisible." To my complete and utter surprise, I won the title, the crown and somehow survived that night. I was in SHOCK and my mother was ecstatic. I was offered modeling contracts etc. and I knew that was not for me. I was still so shy and felt very "big."  Here's the deal. I was 5' 6 and maybe 105 lbs. Yep... I was no where never fat. I saw myself in a way that I wasn't because I was trying to be "perfect." 

I got home from the pageant that night and my father was home and found out I had won the pageant. His response will forever be in my memory. He said, "That's hard to believe since your as big as a OX." He said some other pretty mean things and I kept the tears from coming down my face. He always told me I was BIG and called me OX. Yep, I was just so sad on what should have been a great night.

Anyway, it was just how my life was and my self worth was so closely tied to how I looked, my weight and being the perfect daughter. I am not bitter because I feel God knew this would be my "TRIAL" in this life. I would have to accept, overcome and BUILD myself. 

So friends... are you doing like me... are you BUILDING or BREAKING yourself? Are you loving yourself RIGHT now? I know I am. I am not letting a silly 2 lb loss or number on the scale determine my WORTH. Neither should you! 

LOVE you and LOVE yourself fiercely. We are so much MORE than what the scale may say. People judge us and guess what- you are never going to be perfect. If someone doesn't love us or like us than that is ON them... I just think we need to be the BEST "us" we can be. I could of had a tummy tuck for years now... but I choose not too. WHY? I could not face the risk of my kids not having a mother. I could live with my battle scars. It was a choice I did based on having a stroke too. Anyway, my post is about finding and accepting and LOVING yourself TODAY... RIGHT NOW... no matter what.  Each day we have a choice. Yesterday, I had some big decisions to make in a business matter. I had to decide WHAT I want personally in my life. WHAT is my ultimate goal? I told myself simply that LIFE is too SHORT to not truly do WHAT you love passionately. I have to choose wisely and follow my heart. I know making decisions for others or out of 'fear' is so not good for anyone. I am so happy. I just feel like it took me 40 PLUS years to see the BIGGER picture of life. It was a combination of so many memories and experiences. It was losing my husband to cancer, to my mother dying at such a young age, it was my endless failures in business and the gigantic successes... it was everything that has had me MORE. It is at the end of the day being GRATEFUL and praying to God to forgive my weaknesses and allowing him to direct my life. It's my sweet children and grand babies that matter most... it's my handsome husband who walks into the room and I think... WOW, he's mine! It's my friends who I talk to daily about LIFE  who are REAL and honest and I love them so much. So guess what????? LOOK for your WHY. Focus on what MATTERS. I hope if you are doing a new journey like me that you will remember that YOU can do it too. 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017



I love that we have Valentine's Day. Well, I love that the FOCUS is on the people and those that we love so much.  I love my kids, bonus kids and grand babies so very much. I could explode from the feelings. I just feel so much gratitude.


It's also one of my best friends birthday's too. Happy 25th Christi... ha ha... I love you very much. Thank you for the years of friendship and that no matter what we can laugh and cry and mostly laugh nonstop together. I am so blessed to know you and that you choose to work with me. I know I am super picky and I love that you get me. I love you an your family and I am thankful EVERYDAY God gave me your friendship in life. YOUR heart is super GOLD!!!!

I wanted to share something with you all today. It's about BRIAN CHAD WEBBER. I could not share or SHOUT it from the blog BIGGER (ha!) that I adore this man. 

This handsome blue eyed boy stole my heart when I was least expecting it. 

20 MONTHS ago we were married.

I adore him.
I love that he watches Hallmark movies with me.
I love that he is the KINDEST man to everyone.
I love that he loves my grand babies and smiles at their photos and considers them his too.
I love that he LOVES life and is positive.
I love that he loves his mom and dad so much.
I love to watch his relationship with his brothers and sister. He has the coolest family!
I love that he is so DANG smart.
I love that he does not brag.
I love that he makes me feel safe.
I love that his friends are forever friends and now are my friends.
I love that he loves $5 Tuesdays movies with me and will even go to a double feature.
I love that he calls me BABE.
I love that he made me smile again.
I love that he takes care of the yard like a pro without ever being asked.
I love that he loves family gathering just like me. 
I love that everyday he tells me over and over he loves me.
I love that he brings me flowers almost weekly. (yes, every time he goes to Costco)
I love that he will go get pedicures with me.
I love that we know God brought us together.
I love that he will now listen to Country music and goes to Luke Bryan concerts with me.
I love that his clients think he is an amazing attorney and that he cares- it's not all about the money.
I love that he gets super excited for me when I get my new products in stores. 
I love that we talk every night in bed together. 
I love he sits close beside me at church.
I love that loves to cook- wink! He loves to make me dinner and spoil me. He even makes my grilled veggies and tilapia for me. 
I love that he is always willing to help others.
I love that he takes me on constant date nights. (he said he will never stop dating me)
I love that everyday he tells me that I am beautiful.
I love that he is neat and tidy. 
I love that he is addicted to watching soccer in Spanish and it's just him.
I love that he is my best friend.
I love you BRIAN!!!!

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