Tuesday, February 14, 2017



I love that we have Valentine's Day. Well, I love that the FOCUS is on the people and those that we love so much.  I love my kids, bonus kids and grand babies so very much. I could explode from the feelings. I just feel so much gratitude.


It's also one of my best friends birthday's too. Happy 25th Christi... ha ha... I love you very much. Thank you for the years of friendship and that no matter what we can laugh and cry and mostly laugh nonstop together. I am so blessed to know you and that you choose to work with me. I know I am super picky and I love that you get me. I love you an your family and I am thankful EVERYDAY God gave me your friendship in life. YOUR heart is super GOLD!!!!

I wanted to share something with you all today. It's about BRIAN CHAD WEBBER. I could not share or SHOUT it from the blog BIGGER (ha!) that I adore this man. 

This handsome blue eyed boy stole my heart when I was least expecting it. 

20 MONTHS ago we were married.

I adore him.
I love that he watches Hallmark movies with me.
I love that he is the KINDEST man to everyone.
I love that he loves my grand babies and smiles at their photos and considers them his too.
I love that he LOVES life and is positive.
I love that he loves his mom and dad so much.
I love to watch his relationship with his brothers and sister. He has the coolest family!
I love that he is so DANG smart.
I love that he does not brag.
I love that he makes me feel safe.
I love that his friends are forever friends and now are my friends.
I love that he loves $5 Tuesdays movies with me and will even go to a double feature.
I love that he calls me BABE.
I love that he made me smile again.
I love that he takes care of the yard like a pro without ever being asked.
I love that he loves family gathering just like me. 
I love that everyday he tells me over and over he loves me.
I love that he brings me flowers almost weekly. (yes, every time he goes to Costco)
I love that he will go get pedicures with me.
I love that we know God brought us together.
I love that he will now listen to Country music and goes to Luke Bryan concerts with me.
I love that his clients think he is an amazing attorney and that he cares- it's not all about the money.
I love that he gets super excited for me when I get my new products in stores. 
I love that we talk every night in bed together. 
I love he sits close beside me at church.
I love that loves to cook- wink! He loves to make me dinner and spoil me. He even makes my grilled veggies and tilapia for me. 
I love that he is always willing to help others.
I love that he takes me on constant date nights. (he said he will never stop dating me)
I love that everyday he tells me that I am beautiful.
I love that he is neat and tidy. 
I love that he is addicted to watching soccer in Spanish and it's just him.
I love that he is my best friend.
I love you BRIAN!!!!

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