Monday, March 20, 2017


Okay my friends. I just was reminded how much TODAY and everyday I take so many things for granted. I have emailed this morning with my son Zach who is serving a mission in Brazil. 

He wrote this POWERFUL message I want to share with you.

For me, I wake up everyday with gratitude and thankfulness and I realize that it's NOT enough. I need to be even more aware and thankful. Wow, am I grateful enough? NEVER. I never can be. I look at everything in my life and I feel so blessed. I realize I have WAY more than I deserve or need. I see this world in conflict. It is always... I have this car... but can't wait til I can buy THAT car. etc. I see it and know it's part of our society to always want what is NEW and better. Yes, but do we stop ever and say... I am HAPPY right now and only need what I have? I am guilty as everyone else. I know that material things are temporary and do NOT make us happy. 

I realize that HAPPINESS comes from within. We have everything we need. We should be more grateful to God for giving us so much. Food, home & shelter, and the blessings of family. So let me share this email and message he sent me. 

THIS one part of his MESSAGE will be a FOCUS for me:

"When god blesses us, we cannot stop saying thank you to him. "
Elder Zachary Collins

Well this week was blessed a lot and also had a lot of learning experiences. We baptized a girl who has been going to church for over 6 months and she cried as her good friend baptized her. it was super awesome. Also, everyone this week was talking about the missionary brawl in manaus hahaha, but we had a lot of difficulties this week with some of our best investigators. 
We also heard from some recent converts that they arent going to church because they dont have the money to get there. In fact their kids are starving cuz they dont have honestly hit my heart hard...we truly need to be so much more grateful for our lives. its truly such a blessing to have a home, a family, a shower, a toilet, and food...because many people live in a one room shack, no shower, no toilet, and are unable to feed their children. 

When god blesses us, we cannot stop saying thank you to him. 

Seriously we have small reasons for sadness there in the states...because we are so blessed and if we arent grateful and charitable then truly we are nothing. Be grateful for what we have and never stop looking to help, serve, and donate to others. love you all.
Elder Collins.

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At March 20, 2017 at 2:22 PM , Blogger Braveartgirl said...

Thank you Teresa for sharing his letter. YES we TRULY do have enough...I needed this today. YOU ARE AMAZING!! Lots of love sweet lady!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

LESLIE (Lisa's friend)

At March 20, 2017 at 6:18 PM , Blogger gela said...

Wow. Lump in my throat. That is a wise kid, scratch that, wise young man you have raised. I'm sure he has very proud parents here on earth and above. Job well done.

At March 22, 2017 at 5:12 PM , Anonymous Linda Schaaf said...

Wow, he really is so wise for his age but that would be due the wisdom he has gotten and gets from you and your late husband. I agree that everyone who "has" needs to stop and just be grateful for what they have as there will always be someone who has less, needs more but is so grateful for what they have. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with striving for "things" but I don't feel it should be the sum of ones existence. I like to say "I am a work in progress" as I try each day to be a better person than I was the day before. I have great faith in the Lord and his plan for me and my family. I feel blessed and I am grateful everyday for the life that I have. I am truly happy for you that your son is safe and sharing his passion for the Lord. Thank you for letting us be apart of his journey, he is very inspiring.
Much love to you and your family from Canada. -Linda-

At March 27, 2017 at 9:03 AM , Anonymous Kiara Fausett said...

Thank you so much for this! I just got back from my mission a week and a half ago and this was a great reminder that we truly do need to be grateful! It makes life so much better.

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