Friday, March 10, 2017


I'm prepared for the HOME & GARDEN show. It's finally this WEEKEND. I am so excited to share and speak at this event. I will be on the stage at 4:00 pm MST if you are attending. I will be sharing it on FACEBOOK LIVE at the same time and then will upload to You Tube after the show. So today I thought I would do a little preview of some of the things I will be sharing. I have so much more in my presentation though!

Hello I'm thrilled to be presenting this Saturday in Sandy Utah. Join me friends at 4:00 pm at the Sandy Expo. This is just one of my DIY home gallery ideas I will be showing. This is my wall in my basement and each 11x14 family photos are printed in b&w and in a brass 16x20 frame. The result is STUNNING in gold and meaningful. Join me to learn my tips and tricks on home design. Salt Lake Tribune Home + Garden Festival The @SLChomeshow is the place for #garden inspiration, home improvement ideas & expert advice! Visit the Salt Lake Tribune Home + Garden Festival, March 10-12 at the South Towne Expo Center for garden inspiration, home improvement ideas & tons of expert advice. Get tickets:
#SaltLake Tribune Home + Garden Festival is the place to go for gardening inspiration, home improvement ideas & tons of expert advice. We’ll see you at #HomeShow #SLCHomeShow #SaltLake #SaltLakeHomeShow #Utah #SLC#SLCEvents (etc.)
@homeshows @teresacollinsdesigns @teresacollinswebber #homegallery#brass 

I want to tell you that when I found our home... it was like a instant "this is where we need to be" moment. It was in the middle of the night and I saw it online. I knew it wasn't my style in decor, colors and fixtures.  I knew I would want to design and remodel the house to be US... BUT I knew this was the HOUSE!


I replaced all the lighting and fixtures. I did two different colors here. A dark gray (elephants breathe) Sherwin Williams and PURE WHITE Sherwin Williams.



I LOVED the dark wood in our home but it was so DARK and anyone who knows me knows that I love WHITE and LIGHT!!!! So I had all the hardwood floors stripped and a white washed. They are gorgeous and show NO dirt. 

REGRET- I wish I had gotten a bigger table for my BIG family. This one is about 9 feet and I could have gone bigger in my space.

This was BEFORE. 
When you walked in to the house. 

The large mosaic was one HUGE piece and we had to hire a excavator to come and take it out. It was quite the job but the colors were not neutral enough for our style. So we added these gorgeous travertine tiles and black slate to outline the space. 

We have a lot of tile in our home and it's very easy for me to keep clean and with the amount of traffic in our home, it's better than carpet for us. The key is finding a home that suits your own "personal" needs. 

My railing is probably my FAVORITE before of the house. I didn't change a thing!

Adding mirrors to any space is almost like adding a window inside your home. It's a great way to add visual space.

This mirror is on a large wall and is actually a BIG 84" tall and around 55" wide (Howard Elliot offers big mirrors). I searched for a oversized mirror to fill this landing space.

Next is the living room. When you walk into the home you see this room. This is the BEFORE.

As great as this space is, it had so much furniture and it made it seem crowded to me. I knew I would open up the space more by having less furniture. I also refinished all the wood floors in the entire house. The floors were so dark and I knew I wanted to have the combination of the dark doors and the lighter wood floors. We added more lighting to this space as well. I have the BEST electrician here in Utah if you are interested. 

This is the BEFORE of our front room. I am obsessed with the large white fireplace. I loved all the oversized windows. 

The white fireplace was ONE of my biggest things I loved was the tall fireplace. It is almost 8 feet tall and a large focal point of the room.

Let's talk KITCHEN. I wanted a larger kitchen since we have our kids at our home all the time. We entertain a lot. Plus, Brian LOVES to cook. I loved the space in the kitchen. 

This was the BEFORE kitchen. It's a great kitchen but the cabinets were dated and all the appliances. The lighting was dull and I felt I needed more lighting. There was also a red paint above that cabinets.

So we remodeled the kitchen completely. I designed the kitchen by keeping the same cabinets and hiring a company to refurbish the cabinets. They came and took them to their shop and painted them. The island is now black and the cabinets are PURE WHITE. We did all new appliances and added new lights in the ceiling, above and below the cabinets and  added two chandeliers to the island. 

The kitchen before actually had two granite slabs that were different. So I replaced with white Carrara countertops. I decided to make the island bigger at 10 feet. 

Since the kitchen is larger, I designed the backsplash to be designed with 10"wide Carrara tiles. They are bigger and go well with the space. I designed the backsplash with the same tiles and love how it turned out!

BEFORE family room (right across from kitchen)
We painted the entire house Sherwin Williams GRAY. We also painted the fireplace in this room. The wood structure above the fireplace was taken off. It was actually in the movie DUMB & DUMBER (a little trivia for you!) The men who built our home were producers and worked in this film. 

Painting the entire main floor the gray color made it very cohesive and flow. We did new carpet in this room. I love the fireplace now that we had it painted with a special stone paint. It really opened the space and brought in so much light.

This was the GREEN wall. 

This next area sold us on this house.

This is the BEFORE in the guest suite bedroom. 

Our house had a great bonus. It came with a guest suite on the end of our home. It is attached to our house but can be separated and locked if anyone ever stayed or lived here. It has it's on bedrooms, mini kitchen, bathroom and family room. I felt as my family is so big and growing with marriage and grand babies we could use all the space we could get.  We literally have guests (kids) every week now. 


Again we simply had the walls painted and new carpet along with new light fixtures. 

Now this is a crazy BEFORE...


The vanity area is now a MINI kitchen and the fan area is now a second bedroom for the guests.


The kids love the mini soda & water fridge here too.

I simply remodeled the bathroom with new lighting, new cabinets, mirror, etc. I keep it fully stocked for guests to enjoy and use.


A smaller room that attached to the mini kitchen. It was intended to be a dining area and I realized after moving in that we needed another bedroom for our kids and guests in this area. It was perfect for us.  We simply removed the fan and added a light pendant. 

This is the family room in the guest area. 



The family room is a hit too. This is where the babies like to come and play too.  We loved the white fireplace addition to the room. I now workout in this room.
* Sherwin Williams gray paint, new carpet, new light fixtures. We took out the black heater in the corner.

I think the last room I will share in this post is our bathroom. 

Again the house was really dark. The walls were all brown and wallpaper. I knew I wanted to keep all the dark wood doors and molding and make the cabinets (white) and walls (gray).

I love the mixture of DARK wood and white cabinets.
I love to mix silver with gold too.
I kept the sample marble and added only new fixtures and paint.


I plan to share more of the house in another post since this has become quite a long post. I am excited to be asked again to come an present at the Home & Garden show so please come if you can. 

I am in St. George Utah right now with my cute hubby. We are working from here and having a mini vacation at the same time. He is attending a law conference. I went to JoAnn Fabric and Crafts store today and decided to LIVE social media GIVE away. I am giving every single sku of my entire B Journal collection to one LUCKY fan.  Over $200.00 retail value. Make sure you are following me on instagram and Facebook to win. I posted how to win the ENTIRE new program. 

B Journal will change the way you journal, plan, document and organize your life. It's all undated. Yes, it's simplistic and forgiving. It can be anything you want it to be.

(Jennifer Haggerty photography)

I'm here in St. George and I'm literally eating out every meal and I'm still on my plan.

It's been 8 weeks now...
I lost 4.6 lbs this past week.
Hmmm... I am right at 37 lbs LOST.
So many people have mailed, texted, messaged me and asked me to PLEASE share what program I am doing.

I never intended to share it. 
I am not sponsoring or posting in any way to SELL my program to you. I am in no way profiting on sharing or feel THIS program would be the RIGHT one for you. I hesitated to share because I don't think this program is for everyone.

So I decided to share what I am doing because I am going to be TRUTHFULLY blunt on my thoughts. I am going to share the good and the bad with you. 

I am doing a program called Medi Weight Loss.
It is located in my state in Riverton, Utah. This is a little bit of information I found online to explain it.
                                            13348 S Market Center Dr #200, Riverton, UT 84065
                                                                      Phone(385) 887-7120

The Medi Weight Loss system does not like to be associated with the term “diet.” They rather claim to be a lifestyle-changing program, which will try and get you on the path to sustainable weight loss.* This medical program is under professional supervision, and it is going to require an ample amount of work from the customer to see any results. There are physical locations the customer will need to go into, and in order to get started they will need to book an in person consultation. When you begin the program you will receive a complete medical exam including blood panel and EKG. You will receive weekly consultation meetings with a medical professional regarding your progress and or lack thereof, nutritional plans and education, access to websites, and access to signature supplements.

So here are my honest thoughts:

This program is NOT easy. 
I adhere to it to the T. I have not cheated once. There is no days or meals off. 
I drink over 120 oz of water every day. 
You are accountable every week when you weigh in.
It works if you are committed to the program.
I love that I eat REAL food and I'm learning to make wise choices. I eat out a lot and I special order everything. 
It takes about an hour every week with my appointment. It's more than getting weighed and measured every week. I can see my blood pressure going down and my fat loss going down every week. They take my measurements every week too. I get the B12 shots every week. I talk to a nutritionist and counselor every week. I am working on eating when I am HAPPY and when I am stressed and understanding my triggers. I find their advice and message every week VITAL to me. I know for me the accountability is essential. 
I give it my ALL. 
The program was not cheap but I eat so much less and I think I am actually coming out a head in many ways. 
PLUS, my health is WORTH every dollar I spend.
FOOD is not a REWARD in my journey.
Today we went to a massage school here and I paid $34.00 for a HOUR massage. Yes, rewarded myself.
I have a NO FAIL attitude and am POSITIVE in that this is going to help me be HEALTHY again.
I was waking up every night with numb arms, hands and fingers. I was not sleeping. I can honestly say I have had ZERO numbness in over a month now. 
This program is HARD in that you are eating CLEAN and based on your weight you will be told how many protein calories to eat each day. I was higher with 800 calories during the first couple of weeks. Now I eat 700 calories of protein a day. I also eat vegetables, 1/2 avocado or nuts, EVERY day. I choose to give up fruit and diet soda. I can add back fruit any time I want and exchange it for my vegetable calories.  You also can ask for appetite suppressants if you feel you need them. It's really up to YOU!
The food program is customized to you personally.
You can tell them what you like and want to eat. 

I read about this program for a few weeks before I called and made the appointment. I read bad reviews and I read great reviews. I thought and prayed about it. 
Was it right for ME?
I decided it was. 
I have ZERO regrets.
It works because I work it. 
There is no magic pill or shortcut. 
It's daily adherence to the program.
It's weekly weigh ins. 
It's right for me.
PLEASE remember I am just a patient and I am in no ways
PAID to support or promote this program. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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At March 10, 2017 at 5:15 PM , Blogger gela said...

Wow I love your simple elegant style. Beautiful! Good luck on your health journey!

At March 11, 2017 at 8:21 AM , Blogger Katy said...

I love your honesty. I truly appreciate it.

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At April 11, 2017 at 12:26 AM , Blogger youngfella 76 said...

Teresa, I purchased the B Journal from Joann's. But there is one thing about the journal that I think should be said but first I wanted to say I have been a long time fan (of yours) and have been a scrapbooker since before I had my 21 yr old. I was super excited to see a journal that was made by you because #1 I could get it locally (which is hard here in AZ) and 2 it was bigger than the typical A5 size (which I loved but didn't at that same time) and 3 (finally) it was a journal made by a scrapbooker so I know you understand there is a level of quality that "we" need to have for the products we use. Mainly because we want to preserve everything... So your journal was a happy surprise. I opened it up (after getting it home) and saw your logo at the bottom of every page. And I was so disappointed. I mean honestly I expected it to be on the covers but not on the pages where I write and create. Not on the pages were I put scriptures and leave notes that my children will read one day. And yes it is just a journal, but once I decorate it, it's mine and I feel like I don't want anyone else to sign those pages. Its almost like you are signing each page of my thoughts or words. I know that it might seem "crazy" sounding, but it something that I feel really strongly about. And I could buy another book and not have a logo on the pages. I have to now find creative ways to cover it up when I use it. I just want to post my pictures of it on IG and not have to promote your company and if I had not promised my hubby that I wouldn't take it back, I would have taken it back. I say this all to say if you make a new planner design, or even make more of the books, consider removing your logo from each page. You may just attract many other buyers by just doing that. -Tracy R.

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