Sunday, April 2, 2017

GOING on the CRUISE... TODAY!!!!

So I have been in Florida for the past two days in Orlando. We used our flight miles (free Delta ticket) and it was crazy that at Spring Break to save money and be able to use our free flight we flew here. So we decided to go to the park. Here was a Facebook post.

"You guys today was so much fun! I'm so happy. I could have never walked the park and lasted 10 hours had I not decided to lose my STRESS and get healthier. I've lost 46 lbs as of this week. I made a decision that was so beyond a physical transformation. I decided to EAT better to truly live my life. Today in the park, I bought water bottles all day long. I drank over 100 oz. I had the perfect lunch at the park- grilled chicken breast and a garden salad. I gave Brian my fried wedges and corn. I put vinegar on my salad. It was yummy! I took a small sip of Brian's butter beer and felt like I won today. I was satisfied and didn't feel deprived. My treat was a container of the best pineapple ever. We had dinner at the park too at Bubba Gump. I had the appetizer of hot peel and eat shrimp. I devoured them! It can be done. It's a choice and I want to be healthy, strong and kick life's butt (in the best way possible). Also, I was soaked half the day from riding front row at Jurassic Park. Let's all LIVE our own life in the FRONT ROW. @teresacollinsdesigns #watchmedoit #happyme #weightloss #personaldevelopment #itcanbedone#46poundsdown @bwebb007 @ Universal Studios"

Since my cute husband is waiting for me to leave right now... we are driving to Ft. Lauderdale to board the ship. It's the Allure of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. I'm THRILLED for the group of people who are joining me (us) again for the TC Cruise. We have never done it in April. 

I have so many thoughts and plans and just wish I had more time to share. I have had so many things on my mind in my heart that I want to share. I am feeling so many blessings come to be. I have been patient in waiting for answers and I wanted to
share more of what has been happening.
It is my hope that we each see that we ALL have times
that we need answers and or help. Maybe it is guidance.
We can know that we will find our way. It may
take time and patience. Anyway,
It you want to join me at my next BIG events please 
contact Elsha for the TC SEPT VEGAS event. It's going to be EPIC and I have more to share on this event later.
Also, I'm headed to Australia again this year. I'm doing some amazing projects and Tracey and I will be sharing all the details soon... I can't wait!

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