Tuesday, October 24, 2017


I did it.... I followed my heart and I have moved my yearly event to Park City for 2018. I can't say it was an easy decision. I became a creature of habit. However, I knew I wanted to rebrand, personalize and move my event to closer to my home and business. So I thought I would SHARE a little about what I am doing. 
I am so truly excited to announce the rebranding of this event and the new location of my CREATE YOUR STORY Teresa Collins event.

When I decided to move the event from Vegas to Park City, Utah- I knew I wanted to create a event where you not only left with amazing crafting and meaningful projects, but also had a trip you would remember. My events are more than a project... they are all about creating with heart, passion and coming together to document our life moments.  It is my hope that those coming will see old friends and make new friends. All of us are on our own wonderful life journey and I hope by attending my events, it will not only inspire but inspire those coming to LIVE life and create memories. Create Your Story is a labor of true passion from my heart.

The 2018 event will be held at the beautiful Hotel Park City on September 21-22 2018. This has been the same weekend for many years, so we decided to keep the dates the same for this next year. It was time to find a new location that would reflect a more intimate setting.

                                                   HOTEL PARK CITY

So it’s no wonder that PARK CITY- a mountain town is known for The Greatest Snow on Earth® and the world’s best mountain biking is just the start! 

Each of the 100 luxury suites features a cozy fireplace, King-size beds, jetted tubs and a private balcony or patio with gorgeous views of the mountains, rolling golf course fairways and outdoor pool.

In the summer, mountain bike tours and rentals are available in the lobby. You will enjoy their heated mountain-view pool, full-service  spa, complimentary fitness classes and two signature restaurants – the #1 rated Ruth’s Chris Steak House in the western U.S. and Bandannas Bar & Grill.

HOTEL PARK CITY LOBBY- offers complimentary water, hot chocolate and Starbucks coffee.

Every room has free internet in guest suites and in the conference rooms. All rooms can sleep at least four or more people.

 Each and every room has a balcony to enjoy. This attention to detail was just what I wanted for those coming to my event.
 This is the cottage suites. They offer your own private hot tub and fireplace on your deck. Each room has the same beautiful view of the mountains and the water. You can fish here if you like.

 Each guest suite offers a kitchen or kitchenette so that those coming can make themselves truly at home and if they want to make their own food. We are even offering complimentary transportation to the local grocery store. 

                                            DOWNTOWN PARK CITY

 I wanted it to be an experience so I have added optional day activities on the 19th and 20th for those interested in coming early.  I offer additional Ala Carte workshops taught by creative industry designers on Thursday the 20th. 

 In addition, for anyone who would like to see and shop scrapbooking warehouses and stores around Utah we will arrange for this to happen. For anyone who will be coming in early we have arranged for trips to come explore Park City with me and my family. I will go shopping on Main Street and have a group dinner at my favorite pizza parlor with anyone who wants to join me prior to the event starting. 

I am also so excited to announce my teachers for this year.
Teresa Collins with Teresa Collins Studio & Designs, 
Margie Romney-Aslett of Spark Events
Jodi Sanford Founder & Designer of Fancy Pants Designs
Christy Tomlinson of The Planner Society & Scarlet Lime

They are truly some of the TOP leaders in the creative industry for inspiration. I am honored they said yes to come teach along me.

  Please follow my event on our official Instagram page for more information. Please come follow us even if you are not attending the event so you can see what my CREATE YOUR STORY EVENTS  is all about.

Instagram - @CreateYourStoryEvent

I am so excited for this new location, the fabulous teachers and to invite you to sign up for my company newsletter to attend this or my future Create Your Story events.  

Feel free to ask Taylor or Elsha any questions you may have. They are my two event coordinators and I could not do this without them.

Monday, October 9, 2017


I am so beyond full of joy and thankfulness. My beautiful daughter Gentry, and her amazing husband Devan delivered a darling little baby boy this morning. Cooper is now a big brother.

I was so thrilled to be able to go to the hospital with them. This meant the world to me to get to go and be there as she was having a c-section. She has had the hardest time getting to this point. We are so thankful that the MIRACLE of Tanner's birth has happened.

Gentry was calm and was just so happy to be welcoming her much wanted baby boy. She has endured three miscarriages and now has sweet Cooper and Tanner.

As we got to the hospital at 6:40 am, Zach was emailing us right then from his mission in Brazil. He was surprised and so happy to hear that we were at the hospital and that the baby was coming today.

This photo taken by Devan was my favorite. They were actually  stitchiing her closed after her c-section. The look on her face. I was immediately taken back. I have always told her she looks so much like my mother. This photo could be my mother.  Gentry looks so much like her Grandma Beal and it makes my heart happy. I loved that he captured this moment in time. 

                         October 9th 2017 
                                 9:07 am
                               19.5" long

The best part is that TODAY is Zach's 20th birthday too. He is on his mission in Brazil and I'm sure he is over the moon excited to share this special day with his cute nephew. (Little Ty and Devan share a birthday too) We made birthday video's for him to view today. I posted them on facebook and instagram if you want to see them. They are quite silly, but so me... as MOM me.


I love you both so very much.

TODAY is the BEST and I'm so thankful for this DAY...

It has been the most rewarding experience to watch my girls be mother's. I know that pregnancy and raising children is not easy.  Today in the hospital we talked about how FAMILY is the most important thing we will ever have. It's WORTH it!

COOPER turned TWO years old in May.
He is not quite so sure about the baby when he came to the hospital today. He had just wanted a puppy when told his mom was having a baby.
(family photos: HILARY HAMILTON) 

They call me grandma.
I honestly have no reservation to being called this. I decided many years ago that I wanted to be a very hands on grandmother. I want them to know me.  Cooper is home with me now and we are having a sleepover, watching Lego Batman and he's enjoying popcorn after a hour long bath (swim) in my tub. He kept saying FUN. I know he will warm up to his baby brother.f

Cooper has the little puppy I got him.  He  did his own thing and didn't want to interact too much with his baby brother.

He is perfectly healthy and doing well. 
Gentry is doing well too.
It has been an amazing day. 

Tanner you are so loved...
welcome to the world little one.
You are a dream come true. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

STRONG ENOUGH ... time to share

Oh my friends… let it all go… let it all out now. 

I am going to be honest and real and hope you see YOUR own STRONG in what I want to share today. So this last weekend I spoke at the Enlightened Retreat in Midway Utah.  I got home yesterday and I had so many moments of "awareness." My heart was so open and I had prepared for a year to share my message. I had prayed for many months to have the RIGHT message for those I would talk to. I knew I would have lots of time in the four days there to share and to receive. I get so emotional preparing for my speaking engagements. I have come to realize that speaking is a passion for me.

I love sharing my passion and appreciation for life. I know that the broken me that is so imperfect has so much happiness to share. I do love myself in the most real and honest way RIGHT now in my imperfect "self". I see my weaknesses as my greatest lessons that HUMBLE me. 

I have picked up the broken pieces of me OVER and OVER again in my life… to put my pieces back together.   I am stronger from going through EACH experience. 

So are you my friends.  This song is where I am at. It speaks to me... about me and my ongoing journey. It is so beautiful.

We are each beautiful with our chips, cracks,  lines, flaws, we make think that our scars make us UGLY. They do not! They are there to remind of each of us of how STRONG we are. After difficult times that we all have in life we can be broken with the experiences of life. I decided to start blogging again in ways to share more of my personal life and how I am allowing ME to be ME. 

I gained a lot of insight at the retreat from the yoga classes. I am still the wounded shy little girl from Hickory NC at times.  I still need to "let it all go" in a beautiful, kind and loving way to myself. 

"The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward." Quote unknown. 

Oh my ... did my soul need this message right now. As the room was quiet at 6:30 am and the sun was still down. In the darkness and in the stillness, I laid on my mat in the midst of the beautiful dark room.

 I allowed the message to sink into my inner being. It hit my heart and soul in a PROFOUND way. I saw the beauty within ME and in others MORE clearly. I saw my personal journey in its realness RIGHT now.

 I did the real ugly cry as I ALLOWED myself to mourn my pain, loss and moving on daily in my imperfect life and with my imperfect me. I realized often I keep my pain inside because I want to be STRONG for everyone around me. I run away from those feelings and I push anyone anyway that I feel will leave me. I still am scared of loss and being abandoned. 

 I was instantly taken back to the night prior to Tyler's death. He knew the time was nearing and he was in so much pain. Yet he did not want to take any pain medication so he would be awake. I could tell that as his fragile body was getting ready to go HOME to God and  he was scared to leave me. He did not want to say goodbye to "us" or our children.

 In that tender moment, he asked me to get in the bed beside him and simply hold him. As he was preparing to leave this mortal life, he cried as he let me hold him. I told him it was okay for him to GO. I told him he had done everything he needed to do. I promised he that I would be okay and that I would take care of our kids. I was strong. I even said this without crying. I needed him to think that I was strong enough.

As I was on the mat, I remembered that moment, the memory of laying in the hospital bed at Huntsmen with Tyler. It rushed into my mind and I was crippled. I cried nonstop and let my tears freely flow. I didn't believe I was strong enough then. I was so scared. I felt he was abandoning me. I I felt so alone and I felt a helpless. I realized that I was crying with so much gratitude, in that tender moment. I  heard Sadie instruct us in the yoga session to ALLOW ourselves to FEEL and accept and let anything go that we needed to.

 I cried so much that I could not open my eyes and even though most would think it was SAD tears it was actually tears of acceptance. I had to let the tears GO. I am so thankful for what and who has come into my life. It's okay to be sad over pain. It's okay to feel sad over our HARD. The song she played was the song...."let it all go" and it SPOKE to my heart in a new way.  

I had new awareness of the PAIN and the HARD I have endured. I love my broken me, my "countless" flaws, my legs with horrible veins, my stretch marks, my insecurities, my happiness in loving my insecure shy little girl from Hickory. 

I hope you will read my blog and know I am sharing because I know my TRUTH can be a way for you to see ME but see YOU in my story. We are all broken at times. We all have our HARD. We simply can't compare our MESS or HARD with that of others. We are all BEAUTIFUL in ways we don’t see and often it is allowing us to see the REALNESS in ourselves and in others.
I believe that we ALL must LET IT ALL GO... at times. I believe our hard times are actually PROOF of our fragility and that we are so much "MORE" resilient than we realize. This makes our experiences both good and the bad- beautiful.