Thursday, February 22, 2018


The reality is this... every since I found out my friend had a brain tumor... it has really effected me. I mean for whatever reason I can't stop thinking, worrying and praying for her. As many of you may know Stephanie, she is a business owner like myself. She is truly a beautiful soul. So last night she texted me. We were sharing a conversation and ALL I could think about was HOW can I help her. So I am going to beg EVERY single one of you that read my blog here today to HELP me help her.

Stephanie has found out that she has brain cancer. I am devastated for her. Cancer sucks and I hate it. It literally has broken me and I had to figure out a "new me" when I lost Tyler. I am not kidding when I say I wanted to die with Tyler. I know a part of me did die that day. So I have been there. I know that this sweet girl needs to focus on healing and fighting this HUGE fight with faith and like a WARRIOR of God. I do believe in miracles. I know people always ask WHAT can I do. Well, pray for her and give any donation you can.

Please help if you can. I posted this on my facebook page:

"My heart is truly heartbroken to hear that Stephanie Smokovich has found out that it is cancer. I have never been one to promote Gofundme's personally. I have a special place in my soul for those battling with cancer and I know this beautiful girl. She is my friend and her family is need of support. Her sweet family needs to have the peace of knowing that they can focus on treatment & healing and their time as a family. Please give as much or as little as you can. PLEASE know that she owns a scrapbook company and she lives such a life of goodness and she spreads it through her products and her artistic gifts. My son told me today in an email that WE NEED MIRACLES. I know that MIRACLES happen and they do exist and I thought of my friend instantly. Please help if you can."
 So often we think well I give and give. So here is my personal challenge to you today. If each of you reading my blog TODAY donated just $10.00 to this family TODAY to support her family it would be a HUGE relief to her family. 

This beautiful girl like me in a woman, boss, entrepreneur, mom, wife, daughter of God. She needs to be able to focus on this time to fight, heal and and be with her babies. So I ask for you to please just give ONE DOLLAR if you can't do the $10.00 to her GOFUNDME account. I love her dearly and there is not much I can do but help by lessening the stress for their family financially. I will be doing a FREE PDF here tomorrow that you can all have and print out for FREE. I love you. I need you. Help me help her.  This is for you Stephanie. I have FAITH in Heavenly Father that you can fight this fight and expect miracles. 

If you have donated... go back and give $10.00 more or if you can't just give ONE more dollar. (of course if you can do more do it!) Do this for her... WE  NEED MIRACLES in our life. All of us and she needs me, she needs you and I want to help my sister.

Monday, February 19, 2018


My son sent me this email about MIRACLES in our personal 

lifes. He has served in Brazil for 20 months now. He will be 

home in 4 months. I read this and although MANY of you 

may not believe exactly the same beliefs as we do... I know 

that THIS message of MIRACLES can apply to all of us. We 

each personally can gain something from reading his 



This week I have pondered greatly about miracles. They exist and during my mission I have learned to make miracles happen with the Lord´s help.  One very common question I pose to investigators is ´´Brother/Sister, what miracle you would ask Christ to perform for you if He was right in front of you now?´´  I have seen that the response vary.  However, every time, I have gotten a small glimpse of what is truly important to that specific person because frequently there are things we truly hope for in life, we pray for, and we desperately want and need.  All of us are in need of something…whether it be restoration in the family relationship, financial security, physical safety, self-confidence, new friends, strength to overcome weaknesses, the capacity to love ALL people, and so on and so forth.  My point is, we all are in need of various things that the Lord is willing and wanting to help us achieve.  We need miracles.  And are surrounded by them every day (often times we don´t even recognize them)  But I´d like to share about what I’ve learned of what WE CAN DO in order to see these miracles happening in our lives. First off, No miracle happens without first showing faith.  Faith is a firm belief with firm and consistent works to show that the hope and belief is true. We must have faith in our Savior in the first place and search to obey his commandments.  Faith requires works.  Many people pray for a new job, and have lots of ´´so-called`` faith, but don´t do all that they can to find the job.  They choose to pray, and sit and wait for the miracle to show up at their door.  However, this is not faith and the miracle will not come so easily.  Faith is decided.  We must be firm in our decision to have faith and go after what we need so greatly and the miracles we desire.  Our inner desire drives the great part of the miracle process.  If you truly are yearning for the miracle, you won´t have it.  For example, many times on my mission, I left my house on Monday, praying and craving to help someone accept the repentance process and be baptized… and by miraculous circumstances we found someone to teach and baptize that same week.  I desired the miracle with all my heart, set a goal, made plans to work to achieve the goal, worked, and never doubted.  Doubt shows fear, and fear and faith are like light and darkness….they don’t coexist.  We must desire and search for the miracles, if we do so….we will have shown our faith and works that the Lord needs to see.  Then, as we do all of this, we must pray always.  Audibly and secretly in the heart….at all times.  We must truly lay our desires out to the Lord, our plans to achieve it, what we hope he will do for us in the miracle process and what we are currently doing to reach that miracle.  We must pray with all of our hearts. Prayer is true and powerful.  I know this with all my heart.  Prayer is necessary to achieve miracles.  However, once again we cannot doubt.  We cannot doubt that the Lord is able and willing to bless us with the great miracles we are hoping for.  In the end, we must remember that the great force in the universe comes from words and thoughts.  By His word, Christ created the earth, and by God´s word all things happen.  We too must speak positively and think positively to reach our miracles.  It is very easy to think negatively…and not believe or complain during the waiting process of a miracle, however, we must use all of our forces to ALWAYS think positive and edifying thoughts.  The Lord accepts our sacrifices and blesses us in His own time.  So whatever miracle you might be searching and needing, don´t give up and don´t lose faith.  Continually act to achieve your goal even when you can´t see the results.  Don´t quit just because you can´t see the miracle immediately or even a little progress.  It´s not that easy.  Faith is when we believe in things that can´t be seen but are true.  I know that all of us are capable of performing and receiving miracles.  We must act, persistently with faith.  Faith and works are the recipe to miracles. I hope so much that all of us can learn to be happy through living the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I also invite all of you to search to partake of the greatest miracle of them all…..the Miracle of Conversion.  Convert yourselves to the Lord, and you will find happiness.  I constantly seek my personal conversion and I have seen how weak I am and how short I end up in the end….however, im happy as I go through this changing and amazing process.  I love you all, search for the miracles….and I promise that they will come.  Have patience and don´t stop trying and praying and desiring.  Everything will work out.

Have a wonderful week!!!
Love you all

Élder Collins
Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Rua República da Armênia, 765
Parque Manibura
60821-760 Fortaleza - CE

Thursday, February 15, 2018


 Last Friday, I filmed an hour long interview podcast that I want to share with you. I did this because, I believe we can each offer our unique story, insight and contribute to the world. I believe staying quiet when you have something of value to contribute to the world is sad. We are on this journey together. I'm sharing today about how I believe we can all be unstoppable.

I wanted you to introduce you one of my friends who is a Coach & Entrepreneur.  She escaped the corporate world in 2007 and wants to help you do the same!  She wants you to love Mondays!!!

Her name is Denise King and she is the founder of a Business Coaching and Fundraising Company named World Famous Events.  In the last two years, her company raised over $1.5 million for her nonprofit clients and she coached more than 250 do-gooders to fundraise for a great cause.

As a businesswoman that has always followed her heart, Denise has been fortunate to have some great corporate jobs in IT and Financial Services where she was able to make a difference in the lives of customers.  But one day, after being pigeon holed in a job that had her eating at her desk to stay awake, Denise had ENOUGH.  ENOUGH of the cubicle life and being tied to a desk.  Now, by having her own company and driving the direction of the business while making decisions that make sense, Denise is living her purpose and has control of her schedule!  And that’s what we both want for you!!!

Thinking that it would be amazing to help other people escape the corporate world, Denise set out on a quest to find out what other successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and personal development experts did to get out of the corporate world and create successful businesses. 

This knowledge quest has turned into an interview series where she is interviewing over 21 entrepreneurs that were successful in leaving the corporate world behind them (Including me!).

It’s called:  Escape the Corporate World Now:  Unleash the Courage to Go From Stuck to Unstoppable

I have a Complimentary Ticket for you to Join Us.  You can register using this link. Click here. 

This is for people that have had ENOUGH and want to escape the corporate world and move into a successful business or a new career that allows them to live their life purpose and create their vision. 

Are you ready to say ENOUGH and create a plan to get out of that corporate job that no longer serves your purpose or fills you up?

Here’s what is going to be covered in the VIDEO INTERVIEWS:

Tips for Uncovering Your Life Purpose
How to Choose What Direction to Move in Based off of Your Life Purpose and Vision
How to Overcome Obstacles like Self-Sabotage and Feeling Stuck
Strategies for Pivoting Out of Your Career
Strategies for Business Success

These Interviews are REAL Conversations with Entrepreneurs that have been Making It Happen and want to help you Successfully Launch Yourself into the World of Business!

SO, let me ask you this, what would it be worth to you to be able to pick the brains of 21 successful entrepreneurs from all areas of business and find out their secrets to success?

For me, it’s invaluable!  That’s why I’ll be watching as well as speaking!

Register here for your complimentary ticket to listen in. >>Join Us!

P.S. Here is part of the speaker crew that’s on board for this awesome journey:  Olympian Dan O’Brien, Designer Teresa Collins, Podcasters Brian Basilico and Fabienne Raphael, EFT Specialists Luke Benoit and Kara Melendy, Leadership Coach Christy Rutherford, Freedom & Success Coach Tonia Lewis, Branding Expert Simon Jordan, Coach and Filmmaker David Taylor, Book Publisher Jyostna Ramachandran, Life Coach and Thought Jots CEO Diane Adams, Former NFL Buffalo Bill Frank Summers, Actor/Director/Producer Marcus Spencer, Actress Kimleigh Smith and Actor Skipper Elekwachi and Faith Based Copy Writing & Success Coach Sara Anna Powers.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


I decided since today is VALENTINES and I feel so OVERLY in love that I would create this post today in honor of LOVE.

 *Teresa Collins LOVE punch... I love my TC Fiskar punch.

So this is my REALITY. I have been remarried 2 years and 8 months. I married my adorable cute husband- Mr. Webber. He is like my "person." I never thought I would EVER find love again. It wasn't even anything I even thought about. I never thought I would be that girl, who was so in love and would want to be with someone like 24/7.  It happened...  LOVE got me. So today I wanted to share with you and Brian WHY I fell in love and continue to fall more in love with him daily. 

1. He kisses me EVERY single day. I made him promise me that we would NEVER stop kissing. Always first thing in the morning and always in bed before we go to sleep. CUTE! (our kids are not fans and always go UGHHHHH)

2. Every morning before he starts his work day, Brian showers and goes to 7-11 to buy us both a DOUBLE BIG GULP. (don't judge!) His beverage of choice is Diet Dr. Pepper and mine is Diet Mtn Dew. He brings it to me and we both go to work for the day.

3. He was listening to my podcast interview last week and after it was finished... he was smiling and just staring at me. He told me that every time he hears me share my story that I inspire him personally. He tells me that he is proud of me and proud to be my husband. (melts me... literally) 

4. He calls me BABE. On the rare occasion he calls me Teresa, it's cute too.

5. Since we both own our own businesses, we both work crazy hours. Often we work late into the night. Every single Tuesday we stop and meet up for a "day" date at the movies.We love our $5.00 Tuesday movies. We get our mug refill's for $1.50 and Brian loves the $1.50 popcorn deal too. This is like SET in stone with him. I know to arrange my meetings and work around this IMPORTANT Tuesday date. On the rare occasion we can't do this, he gets a little sad. (he is going to KILL me!) I rarely went to movies until I met him and now we go weekly.

6. The grand babies LOVE him. They call him GRANDPA and he treats them truly like HIS. He loves my kids and the grandbabies. I mean LOVE. It makes me LOVE him even more. He supports my kids and supports me as their mother. 

7. He makes dinner every night for our family. This is his love language. He loves to cook and he is super fast at whipping up something yummy. He knows my low/no carb or sugar diet... so he even prepares separate food just for me. I love this man. He is truly thoughtful.

8. He is KIND. Oh my... this is like #1 in my heart. He is kind to everyone. We go out and he is friendly and kind. He makes friends easily and I love that I am able to call him my husband.

9. I love that he looks at his kids school grades online and really CARES about them. He is invested in them more than they realize. He is more of a quiet dad but he has a GOLDEN heart and really loves being a dad. He worries and frets like all dads and I see his heart as he expresses his love for each of them. I love this about him.

10. He is the most committed man. If he tells you something, he does it. I love that he is a man of his word. He has so much personal and business integrity.

11. I am a creature of habit. This guy is adventurous and likes to experience new things. He is let's go to this new restaurant, let's try this new food, etc.  I love that he has helped motivate me to "experience" more in life. I have tried Brussel Sprouts, hiked a pyramid, flew on a tiny plane to Prague that I did not want to board, ate Termites (S. Africa), joined Orange Theory... and much more ALL because of him. He encourages me to STEP outside of my comfort zone. He also supports my decisions when I say... no thank you!  He even will dress up for HALLOWEEN now due to my persuasive personality. (please.....)

12. We met at the most tender times of our life's. I had lost my husband and he was coming out of a marriage of 23 years. We were both just beginning our new journey. We met and it was INSTANT.  I felt his heart and soul. It was beautiful, kind, smart and he was one of the good guys. He came at the "imperfect" but perfect time for me. I just didn't realize it. He tells me that he didn't know it, but his whole life he was waiting for me. We clicked immediately as best friends. I believe GOD knows what and when and who we need in our life. I also believe LIKE attracts LIKE.  Brian and I are so much alike... it's almost creepy at times. We finish our sentences, we like the same things.... He is the biggest fan of chic flicks... oh wait... just kidding. However, we have so much in common. He told me we would DATE every week. We do and I love this about him. We got to Disneyland a lot and it's our HAPPY place.

13. This is entirely too long. So last... I knew Brian would HONOR me as his wife. He has and does EVERY single day. He brings me flowers almost every week from Costco, he does the little things... he makes my life feel like a fairytale in a world that we know that is not REAL. Trust me, we have our moments. We are not perfect, but wow... it's perfect for me. 

I love you MR. WEBBER.... today and everyday.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I cannot believe I am headed to China in two months. I am dealing with some big deadlines and I could not be happier. I made some BIG changes in the last year. I decided to GO BIG in my ever growing dreams and goals and growth of my company. My destiny is just that... MINE.  Often, I wonder what to SHARE here on my blog. I want to share because I want others to see my REALITY. I also like to share the REAL of my struggles too. I swear I've learned just as much from the setbacks and trials compared to my triumphs. I hope it ignites something with YOU to "abandon" the fear and do what you MOST want to do yourself. 

 My journey right now is exciting and growing and it FUELS my soul. I filmed the podcast last Friday and I spoke for an hour on my personal and company story. I will share more about that tomorrow here on the blog. (What has got into me? I want to blog again. YEAH!!!!!)

So in following my vision for my future, I had to make some decisions. I realized I needed MORE help. I simply cannot do everything I wanted to do and do it well. I  hired several new team members to help me see my vision become a reality. I am growing and allowing my FOCUS to be on what I do best. I always say that in order to stay in the game you have to EVOLVE or dissolve. There is no time for me to THINK small or WAIT. There is no one more passionate about YOU and your dreams then YOU. Can I mention again that SOON you will all see the most beautiful new paper collections that are so pretty you might cry? Okay... maybe I can say that because I get super emotional and cry happy tears. I hope you simply will LOVE what I have been up to. 

My LIVE YOUR STORY getaway event is in just two months. I hope you will join me. I have not sold it out yet although we could have, because I believe there are a couple more women who NEED this RIGHT now in their life. I have loved working on this new event with Taylor. I will just say she is amazing and her attention to detail, truly thinking of EACH of the needs of the women coming, the sponsors she has gotten, etc. I am a proud mom. Taylor has now arranged for a culinary dessert chef to be there with us. Our goal was to truly pamper the heart and soul of each women coming. The line up of presenters and their messages WILL uplift, inspire and make you feel the power that truly is within you. You will be surrounded by myself and others who LOVE you. YOU matter and I hope you will feel a lifelong connection with not only me but those that attend. 

I have been updating this blog. Updating my website (it's not live with the updated look and function yet) and updating my VISION for the future. Like I tell myself daily...


So today I thought I would share if you want to look at my ABOUT ME page here... I tried to update it a bit. I noticed yesterday that was THREE years ago when I last wrote it. So here is a little about what I have HERE on the blog... in case you don't want to click on it. Just in case you maybe NEW here or NEW to what I am about.

Now a little more about me...

1. I was born and raised in Hickory North Carolina.Yes,  I "just might" have a little accent.

2. My favorite colors  are white and gold and black. I'm obsessed. 

3. I have FIVE children by birth and 6 BONUS children... yes, you can call it the Brady Bunch. I am a grandmother and I love it!

4. I believe my BIGGEST competition is ME. Comparison is the THIEF of JOY.

5. I am obsessed with spray paint. Best way to alter ANYTHING!!!!

6. My kids and husband are my BEST friends. I love being with them. I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world.

7. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- or also known as a Mormon. You can find out more HERE

8. I am a survivor. I had a stroke at the age of 29 years old when I was 7 months pregnant with my last baby Tyler. I am completely numb on the left side of my entire body. I lost my left side peripheral vision. It has never come back. I live each day with gratitude that I am alive.

9. My husband Tyler died in 2014 of a very aggressive cancer after 19 years of marriage. I was and still am dealing with this loss. I never thought I would be widowed in my forties. I will forever remember, love and be grateful for ALL that was. It was the worst and most painful time of my life. I know what it feels like to want to simply not go on. I learned that our heart was meant to GROW and we can love again. I am learning that trials make me stronger. Attitude is everything and I choose to be happy. 

10. I have a soft spot in my heart for women and women in need. My heart is very tender towards widows. I wish I could hug every single person in the world who goes through this loss. It's devastating. I wish MEAN GIRLS did not exist. We should be KINDER and be a team.

11. I met an amazing man who I adore. How in the world did I get so lucky????? He is truly my best friend and allows me to grieve, love and be happy again. I love you Brian!!!!! 

12. I believe we can change the world with KINDNESS and LOVE for everyone.

13. Grand babies are the absolute best. If you have them you understand, if you don't... I highly recommend harassing your children for some.

this day I hiked a pyramid in Mexico with my daughter McKay, Mauro and Brian.
I faced the FEAR... I did it and so can YOU.


Monday, February 12, 2018


I am so loving today. It's MONDAY and well, I am on passion overload. Last week I finalized the two most gorgeous new paper collections. I jumped and squealed and just am in love. I feel like my creativity is killing me... in a good way. I can't sleep, forget to eat. I am just trying to FOCUS and stay balanced.


Designing pretty things make me happy. It's really that simple. Today I am doing a podcast and it's made me think A LOT about my career. Today I went to the Silhouette headquarters and meet with the team on some pretty exciting stuff. 

Even though you don't see my website as it will look soon, I am so in love with the new LOOK and features. Seriously, I feel overwhelmed and overjoyed with what the future will bring. 

So tonight I am going to talk about is this -

 I will share a question that I was asked during my hour long podcast interview on Friday-

What are you working on this year?  


Where do I start? I am hosting a women’s empowerment retreat in April which has ignited my soul to help women be inspired and live their BEST LIFE. It is the my goal to share ongoing inspiration to support others in their life to help them see that their hopes, goals, and  dreams can be their reality.
 I am hosting my creative events now in Park City Utah, which were previously in Vegas for many years. I knew it was time to move the event closer to my home and company headquarters.

I am doing more motivational speaking for both men and women around the world which only helps to reignite my own spirit and passion.

I am expanding my brand even more in the home décor world and expanding my gift and lifestyle designs within the stationary market.

I am designing gorgeous paper collections that are some of my all time FAVORITY. I am also doing new exciting planner products.  I am inspired by knowing that I am a planner girl and I want products to support how I plan and keep organized. I will have all my products available on my website in the next few months. I am revamping my website to be more consumer friendly and easier to navigate... more visually pleasing and still allowing my loyal retailers to purchase from us directly. I am IN LOVE with my evolving and growing line of products. It makes me happy and fulfilled. 

"I believe in living my BEST life. That is being brave, passionate and helping others along the way. I have no time to allow fear or self doubt stop me from doing what I want to accomplish. " -TERESA COLLINS

So much more I could share tonight... but I promised my husband a Netflix movie night. I am grateful he helps me SLOW down some. It's hard when I just want to go go go....

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Yesterday I had the pleasure to talk on the phone with Denise King with Escape the Corporate World Now Summit. I am going to be doing a podcast as a participant to hopefully inspire other women in business. It is their goal to shape the development of future entrepreneurs. It is also for individuals who want to pivot their life into a new career. In talking with her as a "pre-interview" I realized so often we HOLD back from going after our dreams. I would say it is mostly out of FEAR... WHAT if I fail... 

I am fortunate to LOVE... with all my soul what I do. I love designing, creating and sharing from my heart.

I hope to help others both men and women by sharing my story. I think true success comes from falling down and getting back up. It's really mental. Yes, that's right. You have to be mentally prepared to face setbacks, disappointments and rejection. A positive mental attitude is everything. Also, I believe being able to FOCUS on your end goal is vital. So many people are easily distracted and jump from one idea to another. 

I am working on a free PDF for the Summit. I will be interviewed tomorrow. I would LOVE to know from you. Is there anything you would like to share or anything you would like advice on?  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

YOU TUBE & STROKE (random)

I have to ask... Do you watch You Tube videos? I am thinking of using my You Tube Channel to have ONE place to post my videos. I actually have so many videos on the site that I have not posted myself but are of me. I created my own TERESA COLLINS channel 3 years ago with (great intentions) to post and have one place for my videos. Then well, I think I knew I was not in the proper place in my life to do it and do it well.  I actually forgot that I had done it until this week.

I know many people go to YOU TUBE to learn and watch just about anything they are interested in. I love inspirational videos. I know people tell me they go there to figure out how to run their Silhouette machine. I heard a girl tell me she likes to go watch the pimple extractions videos. I have to say I have watched many videos there myself. I tried to learn how to properly do my own "hair salon blow dry at home." It was a failure for me... but I did learn some things. I have a hard time sleeping, so I have been on there to listen to sleep music as I try to go to sleep.

I love insta stories, facebook live etc but I don't like that the videos are GONE after 24 hours. So if you are a YOU TUBE pro and want to share with me WHAT you like and well, I would love to hear from you. I value any input, feedback and tips on how to create the best channel ever. If you look for me and subscribe I am simply... teresa collins with ONE video posted 3 years ago. I am trying to upload my videos for both my events- and and I am the first to admit, I am not the best with tech stuff. I'm sure that makes some of you laugh if you know me. I would rather be creating and designing.

I want to mention that although life is going on and I posted on my other social media sites how my friend Stephanie had brain surgery last week and is recovering. I can't stop praying and thinking about her... it's nonstop. She is constantly on my mind. Please continue to pray for her and her family. So many things are similar and remind me of the stroke I had.  I know that life is forever changed for this beautiful girl and family. I am not saying for the worse. It's different.  It's things like this that change you both physically and mentally. When I had my stroke I struggled so much and to this day I have daily reminders of it.  I have the left side of my body numbness, I can't remember things that I should... simple things. I remember my neurologist telling me that getting over brain trauma takes time and acceptance. Your brain has to heal. I lost some of my vision and it never came back. Tyler told me that for the first year after my stroke he felt he did not know me. He told me it changed me. I had had a brain injury and I was a complete mess.  In the craziness, I just choose to be grateful to have survived and I would live with my physical reminders of the stroke. I was mentally a mess too. I can't stop thinking about my friend. I would love to help her MORE. I know she has the greatest family and husband. This support will truly be her biggest comfort along with her faith.

 I want to share some ways that can help if you or someone  you know  are going through a hard time and needs our help.  Don't ask what you can do for them... just do it. I was embarrassed by my neighbors and church friends who came and cleaned my house. They simply showed up. They didn't ask what to do but just started to clean my entire house and it made me cry.  It was so helpful.

I was in bed for a long time. I was still pregnant and I had vertigo so bad I was walking into furniture. I could not make food or take care of my family. I relied on my husband and friends to take care of me and our family. Here is some things that can really help. I loved getting a box or a basket of things that I could simply grab food from. Tyler would often bring it up to the bed where I was recovering. Here are some suggestions: FOOD- take over a box of fruit, a bread box with items to make sandwiches, a PASTA box with everything to make a dinner... warm food is always appreciated. My sweet children were babysat EVERY day by loving and caring friends for almost a year. I love you Tina Buchi.... I will never forget you coming to get my little girls and Zach. You would take them to your house and bath them, do their hair and love on them. Honestly, just DO IT... don't wait for them to say yes. I would CRY and watch from my dark window each night as dinner was delivered to my home. I felt like a huge burden. Years later, I am grateful for the memories and for the love my children, and Tyler and I were given. I also remember my sweet neighbor Clairene. She came over with a plant. She sat on my bed and I was crying. I was scared I would have another stroke. I wasa having nonstop panic attacks. She held my hand and she said she had been praying for me nonstop. She had felt prompted to tell me that God wanted me to know that I would not have another stroke. She shared her sweet faith with me. I knew she was close to God. I felt it. I knew it. It changed me that day. I felt calmness and peace and I knew she was sent over to give me comfort.

I think we always FEAR we are intruding if we want to help someone in need. I am forever thankful for the angels who helped me when I had my stroke and for the horrible time of Tyler's diagnosis with terminal cancer. I will never be able to articulate the love and compassion I was given from so many in my greatest times of fear and need. It is something I will forever be grateful for the service and support that I was given. Okay... I shared much more than I intended.

Now how to figure out making my YOU Tube channel amazing. Feel free to contact me if you can help me.

Monday, February 5, 2018

It's about TIME

I can't believe I have not updated my blog in so long. I have so much to share and lots I can't share right now. TRUST me I want to share. I wish I could catch up so much here but I am going to forge ahead... I want to be transparent. That is who I am. I believe in being REAL. Why post on a blog or social media things that are simply "fluff? I don't have time for that. 

I want to be honest WHY I have not posted. WHY is simple. I have been hesitant to post for personal reasons. It has nothing to do with my business. All I will say for now, is that everything I post is somehow being read and used against someone I love more than anything... to hurt this person and to "try to prove" negative things towards someone I love so very much. 

Hmmmm... am I vague? Yes, I have to be for now. This is my reality. My life, my world, my story is having to be "limited" as to what I share... because I love someone so much and I don't want anything but the BEST for them.

Now that was a bunch of weirdness..... I have struggled for MONTHS on how to address WHY my voice has went silent. Please don't read into it... it's just a personal  issue that I hope will be resolved. The reason WHY I hate not blogging and sharing is that LIVE is so amazing and I love to share my journey.

 I posted this on my TERESA COLLINS instagram yesterday:

"I believe YOUR STORY IS YOUR STRENGTH. I believe that your unique story is that makes us DIFFERENT is REALLY special. I believe we are HERE to help each other. Strong women BUILD...they don't BREAK others. I love meeting new people. I hope to share my story. I hope to learn from other strong women. I want to hear your story. I believe staying QUIET when you have something of value to contribute to the world is SAD. It is a true waste of your HARD-WORN experiences." 

It is often not easy to share and yet when we do so many people can gain from our setbacks, trials, our triumphs. I share so others can be inspired to GO FOR IT and live life... live your dreams. Don't hold back from living your BEST life. We all have our HARD and we all can learn from each other. So don't worry my friends... I will be BACK... completely BACK sharing much more (both personal and business) when some personal issues have been sorted out. For now, I'll keep sharing as much as I can and am living the most amazing "imperfect" life. 

So just an update... my website looks pretty horrible... WHY?  It is being updated. Lots of NEW Teresa Collins papers, Stationary,  Decor, Home, Planner products, SVG files and MORE are being uploaded in the next month to my website. You will be able to buy as a retailer or a consumer on the website. We are going to try to make it much easier for you. If you are retailer you can always contact us directly at I have FABULOUS new products to share with you and the journey continues. ( I am soooo happy!!!!!)

I just got home from the amazing West Coast Planners event in Palm Springs. Woo Hoo... I love planners, the planner community and I love documenting in a beautiful "imperfect" way. I met so many BEAUTIFUL women. I saw my friends, made new friends and just realized living my PASSION has made me so happy. 

I am so busy..... designing a new booth for the NYC Stationery Show in May. (COME SEE ME!!!!!) and I have secured my booth for the next CHA/Creativation show... and of course my APRIL EVENT- LIVE YOUR STORY. Whew... did I mention, headed to China in April for 11 days to visit my factories too????? I am just loving my crazy busy growing business life. I am 1,000% on passion "fire." Is that a thing? It is to me.

Personally, I am so BACK. I am in such a good place in my heart, mind and with ME. I am so happy. I lost 70 lbs last year, I have kept 50 lbs off... wink... yes, I gained 20 back and I'm soooo okay with this. It's life and I'm happy and I'm a work in progress. Christmas and vein surgeries are just a little hiccup. Now, I'm back on track. Isn't this the reality of LIFE... real life?????

It took me awhile to have the desire to create again. It is BEAUTIFUL. I have designed some of my most beautiful collections that SPEAK to me. I will be traveling the world again sharing my products and speaking and teaching. I guess you can't stop a creative girl. I feel Tyler with me and our family. I have the most amazing kids ( stop the tears... Teresa) who believe in their mom. I have grand babes who think I am really cool and will get down on the floor and play with them.  They shower me with kisses and all they want is my attention and love. I have a husband who tells me I am the coolest best friend in the world and would spend 24/7 with me if he could. He is quite cute and I adore this kind and giving man. Everyone needs a Brian! I have been inspired by LIFE to create new things that make me SMILE... I hope they make you smile. Why be anything but YOU!!!!!

I hope that all the amazing women who are attending my EMPOWERMENT event in April will feel so loved, so inspired, so in love with YOU.... and will feel PAMPERED and will spread what they felt in their hearts and soul with everyone they meet. 

GIRLS... we are the same team. ONE person... we can each make a difference. YOU should come... join me. Join my inspired line up of presenters. I promise this is life changing and worth it. YOU deserve this. It's a personal journey we will be on together.... We have kept it small for the first event, but we have had great response and I am so thankful. I could call it SOLD OUT now but I feel in my heart there are others that NEED to come. They need it. So if your weighing it in your heart and mind... just know YOU will not get fluff... this is the good stuff. Join me at 2:00 MST today... I'm going to go on and talk about it. I hope you can join me on my Teresa Collins Designs instagram LIVE page. (We have women coming from around the world. Some are coming alone and some with friends... you will be welcomed by all)

Okay I have rambled. I am not adding pretty pictures. I am just being REAL and plan to keep doing this MUCH more. Maybe daily. If you are on instagram follow me and share.... I am going on live later today. I love you friends... all of you. EVEN if you don't like me. Remember when you hold grudges... your hands are not free to catch the blessings.