Monday, February 12, 2018


I am so loving today. It's MONDAY and well, I am on passion overload. Last week I finalized the two most gorgeous new paper collections. I jumped and squealed and just am in love. I feel like my creativity is killing me... in a good way. I can't sleep, forget to eat. I am just trying to FOCUS and stay balanced.


Designing pretty things make me happy. It's really that simple. Today I am doing a podcast and it's made me think A LOT about my career. Today I went to the Silhouette headquarters and meet with the team on some pretty exciting stuff. 

Even though you don't see my website as it will look soon, I am so in love with the new LOOK and features. Seriously, I feel overwhelmed and overjoyed with what the future will bring. 

So tonight I am going to talk about is this -

 I will share a question that I was asked during my hour long podcast interview on Friday-

What are you working on this year?  


Where do I start? I am hosting a women’s empowerment retreat in April which has ignited my soul to help women be inspired and live their BEST LIFE. It is the my goal to share ongoing inspiration to support others in their life to help them see that their hopes, goals, and  dreams can be their reality.
 I am hosting my creative events now in Park City Utah, which were previously in Vegas for many years. I knew it was time to move the event closer to my home and company headquarters.

I am doing more motivational speaking for both men and women around the world which only helps to reignite my own spirit and passion.

I am expanding my brand even more in the home décor world and expanding my gift and lifestyle designs within the stationary market.

I am designing gorgeous paper collections that are some of my all time FAVORITY. I am also doing new exciting planner products.  I am inspired by knowing that I am a planner girl and I want products to support how I plan and keep organized. I will have all my products available on my website in the next few months. I am revamping my website to be more consumer friendly and easier to navigate... more visually pleasing and still allowing my loyal retailers to purchase from us directly. I am IN LOVE with my evolving and growing line of products. It makes me happy and fulfilled. 

"I believe in living my BEST life. That is being brave, passionate and helping others along the way. I have no time to allow fear or self doubt stop me from doing what I want to accomplish. " -TERESA COLLINS

So much more I could share tonight... but I promised my husband a Netflix movie night. I am grateful he helps me SLOW down some. It's hard when I just want to go go go....

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Paula Irvine said...

This is all so exciting! I can’t wait to see your new lines, I really LOVE all of your previous collections! And I am dying to know what is going on with you and Silhouette! I love my silhouette cameo and can’t even imagine what you may be up to with them. I’m hoping to see maybe some printed vinyl collections? Can’t wait!