Wednesday, February 14, 2018


I decided since today is VALENTINES and I feel so OVERLY in love that I would create this post today in honor of LOVE.

 *Teresa Collins LOVE punch... I love my TC Fiskar punch.

So this is my REALITY. I have been remarried 2 years and 8 months. I married my adorable cute husband- Mr. Webber. He is like my "person." I never thought I would EVER find love again. It wasn't even anything I even thought about. I never thought I would be that girl, who was so in love and would want to be with someone like 24/7.  It happened...  LOVE got me. So today I wanted to share with you and Brian WHY I fell in love and continue to fall more in love with him daily. 

1. He kisses me EVERY single day. I made him promise me that we would NEVER stop kissing. Always first thing in the morning and always in bed before we go to sleep. CUTE! (our kids are not fans and always go UGHHHHH)

2. Every morning before he starts his work day, Brian showers and goes to 7-11 to buy us both a DOUBLE BIG GULP. (don't judge!) His beverage of choice is Diet Dr. Pepper and mine is Diet Mtn Dew. He brings it to me and we both go to work for the day.

3. He was listening to my podcast interview last week and after it was finished... he was smiling and just staring at me. He told me that every time he hears me share my story that I inspire him personally. He tells me that he is proud of me and proud to be my husband. (melts me... literally) 

4. He calls me BABE. On the rare occasion he calls me Teresa, it's cute too.

5. Since we both own our own businesses, we both work crazy hours. Often we work late into the night. Every single Tuesday we stop and meet up for a "day" date at the movies.We love our $5.00 Tuesday movies. We get our mug refill's for $1.50 and Brian loves the $1.50 popcorn deal too. This is like SET in stone with him. I know to arrange my meetings and work around this IMPORTANT Tuesday date. On the rare occasion we can't do this, he gets a little sad. (he is going to KILL me!) I rarely went to movies until I met him and now we go weekly.

6. The grand babies LOVE him. They call him GRANDPA and he treats them truly like HIS. He loves my kids and the grandbabies. I mean LOVE. It makes me LOVE him even more. He supports my kids and supports me as their mother. 

7. He makes dinner every night for our family. This is his love language. He loves to cook and he is super fast at whipping up something yummy. He knows my low/no carb or sugar diet... so he even prepares separate food just for me. I love this man. He is truly thoughtful.

8. He is KIND. Oh my... this is like #1 in my heart. He is kind to everyone. We go out and he is friendly and kind. He makes friends easily and I love that I am able to call him my husband.

9. I love that he looks at his kids school grades online and really CARES about them. He is invested in them more than they realize. He is more of a quiet dad but he has a GOLDEN heart and really loves being a dad. He worries and frets like all dads and I see his heart as he expresses his love for each of them. I love this about him.

10. He is the most committed man. If he tells you something, he does it. I love that he is a man of his word. He has so much personal and business integrity.

11. I am a creature of habit. This guy is adventurous and likes to experience new things. He is let's go to this new restaurant, let's try this new food, etc.  I love that he has helped motivate me to "experience" more in life. I have tried Brussel Sprouts, hiked a pyramid, flew on a tiny plane to Prague that I did not want to board, ate Termites (S. Africa), joined Orange Theory... and much more ALL because of him. He encourages me to STEP outside of my comfort zone. He also supports my decisions when I say... no thank you!  He even will dress up for HALLOWEEN now due to my persuasive personality. (please.....)

12. We met at the most tender times of our life's. I had lost my husband and he was coming out of a marriage of 23 years. We were both just beginning our new journey. We met and it was INSTANT.  I felt his heart and soul. It was beautiful, kind, smart and he was one of the good guys. He came at the "imperfect" but perfect time for me. I just didn't realize it. He tells me that he didn't know it, but his whole life he was waiting for me. We clicked immediately as best friends. I believe GOD knows what and when and who we need in our life. I also believe LIKE attracts LIKE.  Brian and I are so much alike... it's almost creepy at times. We finish our sentences, we like the same things.... He is the biggest fan of chic flicks... oh wait... just kidding. However, we have so much in common. He told me we would DATE every week. We do and I love this about him. We got to Disneyland a lot and it's our HAPPY place.

13. This is entirely too long. So last... I knew Brian would HONOR me as his wife. He has and does EVERY single day. He brings me flowers almost every week from Costco, he does the little things... he makes my life feel like a fairytale in a world that we know that is not REAL. Trust me, we have our moments. We are not perfect, but wow... it's perfect for me. 

I love you MR. WEBBER.... today and everyday.


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