Monday, February 5, 2018

It's about TIME

I can't believe I have not updated my blog in so long. I have so much to share and lots I can't share right now. TRUST me I want to share. I wish I could catch up so much here but I am going to forge ahead... I want to be transparent. That is who I am. I believe in being REAL. Why post on a blog or social media things that are simply "fluff? I don't have time for that. 

I want to be honest WHY I have not posted. WHY is simple. I have been hesitant to post for personal reasons. It has nothing to do with my business. All I will say for now, is that everything I post is somehow being read and used against someone I love more than anything... to hurt this person and to "try to prove" negative things towards someone I love so very much. 

Hmmmm... am I vague? Yes, I have to be for now. This is my reality. My life, my world, my story is having to be "limited" as to what I share... because I love someone so much and I don't want anything but the BEST for them.

Now that was a bunch of weirdness..... I have struggled for MONTHS on how to address WHY my voice has went silent. Please don't read into it... it's just a personal  issue that I hope will be resolved. The reason WHY I hate not blogging and sharing is that LIVE is so amazing and I love to share my journey.

 I posted this on my TERESA COLLINS instagram yesterday:

"I believe YOUR STORY IS YOUR STRENGTH. I believe that your unique story is that makes us DIFFERENT is REALLY special. I believe we are HERE to help each other. Strong women BUILD...they don't BREAK others. I love meeting new people. I hope to share my story. I hope to learn from other strong women. I want to hear your story. I believe staying QUIET when you have something of value to contribute to the world is SAD. It is a true waste of your HARD-WORN experiences." 

It is often not easy to share and yet when we do so many people can gain from our setbacks, trials, our triumphs. I share so others can be inspired to GO FOR IT and live life... live your dreams. Don't hold back from living your BEST life. We all have our HARD and we all can learn from each other. So don't worry my friends... I will be BACK... completely BACK sharing much more (both personal and business) when some personal issues have been sorted out. For now, I'll keep sharing as much as I can and am living the most amazing "imperfect" life. 

So just an update... my website looks pretty horrible... WHY?  It is being updated. Lots of NEW Teresa Collins papers, Stationary,  Decor, Home, Planner products, SVG files and MORE are being uploaded in the next month to my website. You will be able to buy as a retailer or a consumer on the website. We are going to try to make it much easier for you. If you are retailer you can always contact us directly at I have FABULOUS new products to share with you and the journey continues. ( I am soooo happy!!!!!)

I just got home from the amazing West Coast Planners event in Palm Springs. Woo Hoo... I love planners, the planner community and I love documenting in a beautiful "imperfect" way. I met so many BEAUTIFUL women. I saw my friends, made new friends and just realized living my PASSION has made me so happy. 

I am so busy..... designing a new booth for the NYC Stationery Show in May. (COME SEE ME!!!!!) and I have secured my booth for the next CHA/Creativation show... and of course my APRIL EVENT- LIVE YOUR STORY. Whew... did I mention, headed to China in April for 11 days to visit my factories too????? I am just loving my crazy busy growing business life. I am 1,000% on passion "fire." Is that a thing? It is to me.

Personally, I am so BACK. I am in such a good place in my heart, mind and with ME. I am so happy. I lost 70 lbs last year, I have kept 50 lbs off... wink... yes, I gained 20 back and I'm soooo okay with this. It's life and I'm happy and I'm a work in progress. Christmas and vein surgeries are just a little hiccup. Now, I'm back on track. Isn't this the reality of LIFE... real life?????

It took me awhile to have the desire to create again. It is BEAUTIFUL. I have designed some of my most beautiful collections that SPEAK to me. I will be traveling the world again sharing my products and speaking and teaching. I guess you can't stop a creative girl. I feel Tyler with me and our family. I have the most amazing kids ( stop the tears... Teresa) who believe in their mom. I have grand babes who think I am really cool and will get down on the floor and play with them.  They shower me with kisses and all they want is my attention and love. I have a husband who tells me I am the coolest best friend in the world and would spend 24/7 with me if he could. He is quite cute and I adore this kind and giving man. Everyone needs a Brian! I have been inspired by LIFE to create new things that make me SMILE... I hope they make you smile. Why be anything but YOU!!!!!

I hope that all the amazing women who are attending my EMPOWERMENT event in April will feel so loved, so inspired, so in love with YOU.... and will feel PAMPERED and will spread what they felt in their hearts and soul with everyone they meet. 

GIRLS... we are the same team. ONE person... we can each make a difference. YOU should come... join me. Join my inspired line up of presenters. I promise this is life changing and worth it. YOU deserve this. It's a personal journey we will be on together.... We have kept it small for the first event, but we have had great response and I am so thankful. I could call it SOLD OUT now but I feel in my heart there are others that NEED to come. They need it. So if your weighing it in your heart and mind... just know YOU will not get fluff... this is the good stuff. Join me at 2:00 MST today... I'm going to go on and talk about it. I hope you can join me on my Teresa Collins Designs instagram LIVE page. (We have women coming from around the world. Some are coming alone and some with friends... you will be welcomed by all)

Okay I have rambled. I am not adding pretty pictures. I am just being REAL and plan to keep doing this MUCH more. Maybe daily. If you are on instagram follow me and share.... I am going on live later today. I love you friends... all of you. EVEN if you don't like me. Remember when you hold grudges... your hands are not free to catch the blessings. 



Linda Schaaf said...

I don't know you personally and have never met you but I have journeyed with you though some of the most beautiful and some of saddest moments you have experienced because YOU ARE REAL/AUTHENTIC and willing to share your story, both the good and the bad. My heart broke for you when you lost Tyler. I was so happy for you when love found you again and I have laughed out loud many times when you or Brian has done something funny(love the videos you share of the two of you on Instagram). I have oohed and awed over the sweet pictures of your grandbabies, they are all adorable. It is sad that some people need to tear others down to build themselves up. Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle girl, you just keep being you and keep shining. I wish you only the best in all your future endeavours. I am so happy you are designing paper again and can't wait to see all your new products! May God always bless you and your family. Much love to you from Canada. -Linda-

Angela Duerden said...

Great blog post, your last sentence is what I needed to heartoday. Thank You!

Cheri Piles said...

Aww I am so proud of you, keep on keeping on!! Can't wait to watch you continue to grow and inspire us all. ❤❤❤

Michelle S Clarke said...

Love you xx

disney@heart said...

So happy to see you blog, I ove your open story because it is real and uplifts so many! You are blessed with creativity that you share can’t wait to see what’s coming and yes love thy neighbor both angry and kind because it is real!😘😘😘

teresa collins said...

I read your comments and CRIED. Wow... I feel so blessed and uplifted by your words. YOUR support means more to me than you will ever know. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!

much love to each of you. XOXO

Maria said...

Hi Teresa! Happy to hear from you! Are you going to release new scrapbooking releases as well or just planners?

Sara Frederic said...

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