Thursday, February 15, 2018


 Last Friday, I filmed an hour long interview podcast that I want to share with you. I did this because, I believe we can each offer our unique story, insight and contribute to the world. I believe staying quiet when you have something of value to contribute to the world is sad. We are on this journey together. I'm sharing today about how I believe we can all be unstoppable.

I wanted you to introduce you one of my friends who is a Coach & Entrepreneur.  She escaped the corporate world in 2007 and wants to help you do the same!  She wants you to love Mondays!!!

Her name is Denise King and she is the founder of a Business Coaching and Fundraising Company named World Famous Events.  In the last two years, her company raised over $1.5 million for her nonprofit clients and she coached more than 250 do-gooders to fundraise for a great cause.

As a businesswoman that has always followed her heart, Denise has been fortunate to have some great corporate jobs in IT and Financial Services where she was able to make a difference in the lives of customers.  But one day, after being pigeon holed in a job that had her eating at her desk to stay awake, Denise had ENOUGH.  ENOUGH of the cubicle life and being tied to a desk.  Now, by having her own company and driving the direction of the business while making decisions that make sense, Denise is living her purpose and has control of her schedule!  And that’s what we both want for you!!!

Thinking that it would be amazing to help other people escape the corporate world, Denise set out on a quest to find out what other successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and personal development experts did to get out of the corporate world and create successful businesses. 

This knowledge quest has turned into an interview series where she is interviewing over 21 entrepreneurs that were successful in leaving the corporate world behind them (Including me!).

It’s called:  Escape the Corporate World Now:  Unleash the Courage to Go From Stuck to Unstoppable

I have a Complimentary Ticket for you to Join Us.  You can register using this link. Click here. 

This is for people that have had ENOUGH and want to escape the corporate world and move into a successful business or a new career that allows them to live their life purpose and create their vision. 

Are you ready to say ENOUGH and create a plan to get out of that corporate job that no longer serves your purpose or fills you up?

Here’s what is going to be covered in the VIDEO INTERVIEWS:

Tips for Uncovering Your Life Purpose
How to Choose What Direction to Move in Based off of Your Life Purpose and Vision
How to Overcome Obstacles like Self-Sabotage and Feeling Stuck
Strategies for Pivoting Out of Your Career
Strategies for Business Success

These Interviews are REAL Conversations with Entrepreneurs that have been Making It Happen and want to help you Successfully Launch Yourself into the World of Business!

SO, let me ask you this, what would it be worth to you to be able to pick the brains of 21 successful entrepreneurs from all areas of business and find out their secrets to success?

For me, it’s invaluable!  That’s why I’ll be watching as well as speaking!

Register here for your complimentary ticket to listen in. >>Join Us!

P.S. Here is part of the speaker crew that’s on board for this awesome journey:  Olympian Dan O’Brien, Designer Teresa Collins, Podcasters Brian Basilico and Fabienne Raphael, EFT Specialists Luke Benoit and Kara Melendy, Leadership Coach Christy Rutherford, Freedom & Success Coach Tonia Lewis, Branding Expert Simon Jordan, Coach and Filmmaker David Taylor, Book Publisher Jyostna Ramachandran, Life Coach and Thought Jots CEO Diane Adams, Former NFL Buffalo Bill Frank Summers, Actor/Director/Producer Marcus Spencer, Actress Kimleigh Smith and Actor Skipper Elekwachi and Faith Based Copy Writing & Success Coach Sara Anna Powers.


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