Monday, February 19, 2018


My son sent me this email about MIRACLES in our personal 

lifes. He has served in Brazil for 20 months now. He will be 

home in 4 months. I read this and although MANY of you 

may not believe exactly the same beliefs as we do... I know 

that THIS message of MIRACLES can apply to all of us. We 

each personally can gain something from reading his 



This week I have pondered greatly about miracles. They exist and during my mission I have learned to make miracles happen with the Lord´s help.  One very common question I pose to investigators is ´´Brother/Sister, what miracle you would ask Christ to perform for you if He was right in front of you now?´´  I have seen that the response vary.  However, every time, I have gotten a small glimpse of what is truly important to that specific person because frequently there are things we truly hope for in life, we pray for, and we desperately want and need.  All of us are in need of something…whether it be restoration in the family relationship, financial security, physical safety, self-confidence, new friends, strength to overcome weaknesses, the capacity to love ALL people, and so on and so forth.  My point is, we all are in need of various things that the Lord is willing and wanting to help us achieve.  We need miracles.  And are surrounded by them every day (often times we don´t even recognize them)  But I´d like to share about what I’ve learned of what WE CAN DO in order to see these miracles happening in our lives. First off, No miracle happens without first showing faith.  Faith is a firm belief with firm and consistent works to show that the hope and belief is true. We must have faith in our Savior in the first place and search to obey his commandments.  Faith requires works.  Many people pray for a new job, and have lots of ´´so-called`` faith, but don´t do all that they can to find the job.  They choose to pray, and sit and wait for the miracle to show up at their door.  However, this is not faith and the miracle will not come so easily.  Faith is decided.  We must be firm in our decision to have faith and go after what we need so greatly and the miracles we desire.  Our inner desire drives the great part of the miracle process.  If you truly are yearning for the miracle, you won´t have it.  For example, many times on my mission, I left my house on Monday, praying and craving to help someone accept the repentance process and be baptized… and by miraculous circumstances we found someone to teach and baptize that same week.  I desired the miracle with all my heart, set a goal, made plans to work to achieve the goal, worked, and never doubted.  Doubt shows fear, and fear and faith are like light and darkness….they don’t coexist.  We must desire and search for the miracles, if we do so….we will have shown our faith and works that the Lord needs to see.  Then, as we do all of this, we must pray always.  Audibly and secretly in the heart….at all times.  We must truly lay our desires out to the Lord, our plans to achieve it, what we hope he will do for us in the miracle process and what we are currently doing to reach that miracle.  We must pray with all of our hearts. Prayer is true and powerful.  I know this with all my heart.  Prayer is necessary to achieve miracles.  However, once again we cannot doubt.  We cannot doubt that the Lord is able and willing to bless us with the great miracles we are hoping for.  In the end, we must remember that the great force in the universe comes from words and thoughts.  By His word, Christ created the earth, and by God´s word all things happen.  We too must speak positively and think positively to reach our miracles.  It is very easy to think negatively…and not believe or complain during the waiting process of a miracle, however, we must use all of our forces to ALWAYS think positive and edifying thoughts.  The Lord accepts our sacrifices and blesses us in His own time.  So whatever miracle you might be searching and needing, don´t give up and don´t lose faith.  Continually act to achieve your goal even when you can´t see the results.  Don´t quit just because you can´t see the miracle immediately or even a little progress.  It´s not that easy.  Faith is when we believe in things that can´t be seen but are true.  I know that all of us are capable of performing and receiving miracles.  We must act, persistently with faith.  Faith and works are the recipe to miracles. I hope so much that all of us can learn to be happy through living the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I also invite all of you to search to partake of the greatest miracle of them all…..the Miracle of Conversion.  Convert yourselves to the Lord, and you will find happiness.  I constantly seek my personal conversion and I have seen how weak I am and how short I end up in the end….however, im happy as I go through this changing and amazing process.  I love you all, search for the miracles….and I promise that they will come.  Have patience and don´t stop trying and praying and desiring.  Everything will work out.

Have a wonderful week!!!
Love you all

Élder Collins
Missão Brasil Fortaleza Leste
Rua República da Armênia, 765
Parque Manibura
60821-760 Fortaleza - CE


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this message Teresa. It really hit home.You are so blessed to have such wonderful caring and loving children.

Kim Glasgow said...

What a profound and eloquent message. I know how proud you are of your children and this message deserves to be framed. This message can hit home to anyone of any faith and to even those needing a boost in their faith, it is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. Please let your son know that this message is going into my journal for repeated reminders. Kim in Texas.

teresa collins said...

Wow, thank you for the kind comments. That means a lot to me.

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