Tuesday, February 6, 2018

YOU TUBE & STROKE (random)

I have to ask... Do you watch You Tube videos? I am thinking of using my You Tube Channel to have ONE place to post my videos. I actually have so many videos on the site that I have not posted myself but are of me. I created my own TERESA COLLINS channel 3 years ago with (great intentions) to post and have one place for my videos. Then well, I think I knew I was not in the proper place in my life to do it and do it well.  I actually forgot that I had done it until this week.

I know many people go to YOU TUBE to learn and watch just about anything they are interested in. I love inspirational videos. I know people tell me they go there to figure out how to run their Silhouette machine. I heard a girl tell me she likes to go watch the pimple extractions videos. I have to say I have watched many videos there myself. I tried to learn how to properly do my own "hair salon blow dry at home." It was a failure for me... but I did learn some things. I have a hard time sleeping, so I have been on there to listen to sleep music as I try to go to sleep.

I love insta stories, facebook live etc but I don't like that the videos are GONE after 24 hours. So if you are a YOU TUBE pro and want to share with me WHAT you like and well, I would love to hear from you. I value any input, feedback and tips on how to create the best channel ever. If you look for me and subscribe I am simply... teresa collins with ONE video posted 3 years ago. I am trying to upload my videos for both my events- www.createyourstoryevent.com and www.liveyourstoryevents.com and I am the first to admit, I am not the best with tech stuff. I'm sure that makes some of you laugh if you know me. I would rather be creating and designing.

I want to mention that although life is going on and I posted on my other social media sites how my friend Stephanie had brain surgery last week and is recovering. I can't stop praying and thinking about her... it's nonstop. She is constantly on my mind. Please continue to pray for her and her family. So many things are similar and remind me of the stroke I had.  I know that life is forever changed for this beautiful girl and family. I am not saying for the worse. It's different.  It's things like this that change you both physically and mentally. When I had my stroke I struggled so much and to this day I have daily reminders of it.  I have the left side of my body numbness, I can't remember things that I should... simple things. I remember my neurologist telling me that getting over brain trauma takes time and acceptance. Your brain has to heal. I lost some of my vision and it never came back. Tyler told me that for the first year after my stroke he felt he did not know me. He told me it changed me. I had had a brain injury and I was a complete mess.  In the craziness, I just choose to be grateful to have survived and I would live with my physical reminders of the stroke. I was mentally a mess too. I can't stop thinking about my friend. I would love to help her MORE. I know she has the greatest family and husband. This support will truly be her biggest comfort along with her faith.

 I want to share some ways that can help if you or someone  you know  are going through a hard time and needs our help.  Don't ask what you can do for them... just do it. I was embarrassed by my neighbors and church friends who came and cleaned my house. They simply showed up. They didn't ask what to do but just started to clean my entire house and it made me cry.  It was so helpful.

I was in bed for a long time. I was still pregnant and I had vertigo so bad I was walking into furniture. I could not make food or take care of my family. I relied on my husband and friends to take care of me and our family. Here is some things that can really help. I loved getting a box or a basket of things that I could simply grab food from. Tyler would often bring it up to the bed where I was recovering. Here are some suggestions: FOOD- take over a box of fruit, a bread box with items to make sandwiches, a PASTA box with everything to make a dinner... warm food is always appreciated. My sweet children were babysat EVERY day by loving and caring friends for almost a year. I love you Tina Buchi.... I will never forget you coming to get my little girls and Zach. You would take them to your house and bath them, do their hair and love on them. Honestly, just DO IT... don't wait for them to say yes. I would CRY and watch from my dark window each night as dinner was delivered to my home. I felt like a huge burden. Years later, I am grateful for the memories and for the love my children, and Tyler and I were given. I also remember my sweet neighbor Clairene. She came over with a plant. She sat on my bed and I was crying. I was scared I would have another stroke. I wasa having nonstop panic attacks. She held my hand and she said she had been praying for me nonstop. She had felt prompted to tell me that God wanted me to know that I would not have another stroke. She shared her sweet faith with me. I knew she was close to God. I felt it. I knew it. It changed me that day. I felt calmness and peace and I knew she was sent over to give me comfort.

I think we always FEAR we are intruding if we want to help someone in need. I am forever thankful for the angels who helped me when I had my stroke and for the horrible time of Tyler's diagnosis with terminal cancer. I will never be able to articulate the love and compassion I was given from so many in my greatest times of fear and need. It is something I will forever be grateful for the service and support that I was given. Okay... I shared much more than I intended.

Now how to figure out making my YOU Tube channel amazing. Feel free to contact me if you can help me.


Robin Veysey said...

Funny, you just popped into my head yesterday! Wondering where you are, what you are doing, if you're still in the(crafting) game. A lot of artists dont like the editing process and time to do it, so they do FB live or IG videos. Everyone loves them and so much easier for you as an artist. Plus on FB,you can let your subbies know when you are going live, so they can interact with you while videoing. Check it out. Would love to see more of you.

Robin M said...

I love the idea of your videos being on YouTube as I don't do Facebook. Sorry I'm no help tech wise on how to do it though. Glad you're back to blogging.

teresa collins said...

Thank you Robin V and Robin M for your comments. I am listening to everything. Thank you both.

Brandi said...

I had no idea you went through that. Thank you for sharing your amazing testament and story. Thankful you are doing well.

Now as for the videos... I know that facebook live is supposed to be the next big thing, but I usually can't stand to watch them live. It seems like the first ten minutes are wasted while the host is waiting for the people to show up. I find it very distracting. I much prefer YouTube videos.

Pam Makis said...

Thank you so much for this post! It spoke to me more than you will ever know. My dear friend had a stroke a week ago Thursday and we almost lost her. She is still in ICU and I have not been able to see her yet. I pray for her daily and know the challenges she is facing, will face over the next year. I will be that friend that will insist on helping, by doing and not asking. Thank you for sharing your story, you are so REAL and YOU are so wonderful for LIFTING us up, being POSITIVE, and beautiful too.

Paula Irvine said...

I was actually just over on your You tube channel. You need to get more videos posted over there for sure! I would love to have a chance to watch your videos. I would also recommend doing some short Facebook live videos. I think people really enjoy getting to watch live. The problem, like someone already mentioned, don’t waste time waiting for viewers or make it too long. Good luck to you!

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