Saturday, January 12, 2019

EXCUSE ME WHILE I BLOG.... and remodel my bathroom

OH MY IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BLOG AGAIN...and to blog in my own way. I just feel FREE. So today I wanted to share this with you....

ELEVATE your vision of YOU. You are the BOSS of your life. 

Here are some things I practice daily. 

1. Set goals and move toward them. 
2. Stop comparing yourself to others. 
3. Set boundaries and put YOURSELF at the top of your list as a PRIORITY. 
4. Watch your SELF-TALK. I tell myself daily that I am ENOUGH right 
5. Watch who you spend time with. They say you turn out like the five people you spend most of your time with. 
6. KNOW who you really are. You are powerful energy. You are a miracle. Love yourself so boldly. Because it means you are taking care of YOU. 

These things have allowed me personally to FLY and elevate in my own WORTH and value. 

Once you begin to do these things INTENTIONALLY— be prepared to know that EVERYTHING changes in a BOLD way. It overflows and spreads. 

It’s literally EVERYTHING!!!! Do you agree????

Also, we are in the ongoing phase of our home renovation... (the job that never ends!) My cute husband came home from a Utah vs BYU game at like 1:00 am and while taking a shower- broke the shower hardware. Our house for some reason has been built with no access to the shower/tub and shower fixtures/hardware if any thing happened.

When we opened up the wall we found a massive hole from a leak that was growing. This eventually would have become a massive problem. Our shower hardware breaking was a blessing (a costly one... but one that would have been even more costly)

We decided to go ahead and take out the rest of the tile that matched the shower and just make it all the same. Brian said he knew I would make this decision. I love my big jet tub and we kept it. 

We needed to add access to the tub so we put it inside this room, where the toilet goes. This way if the tub ever has issues, we can access it.

So we had to tear into this wall into the shower to get our shower fixed. This of course lead to the 
decision to redo the rest of the bathroom. 

We had done everything in the bathroom earlier in the year so WHY not just do the rest? (I had made the decision that I did not think it needed to be replaced and so we were good- until the hardware broke and we had to go into walls.)

I think this will be my dream bathroom after all. I am choosing to be really thankful and positive through the four week renovation. Thankfully, my home office is right across from our master bedroom and it has a full bathroom and shower. I can't complain. I love home projects, just not the mess. It's a good distraction for the big trade show and all the work I'm putting into my new products and booth this week in AZ. 

If you are going to CREATIVATION TRADE SHOW... I'm in booth 2020. Yes, it's PERFECTLY clear you should come SEE me at the show. 

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