Saturday, January 26, 2019

hello from the CARIBBEAN

Cruising with my sister for 11 days. I came straight from a trade show in Phoenix. Shelley and I are so different but so alike. We were both determined to make changes from a HARD and abusive childhood. We are both just so grateful for what we have done with our life and our stories. We broke the cycle. I love you Shelley. I’m blessed with us. God knew we could needed each another. Her first cruise our first vacation alone together and it’s magical.

This is my younger sister Shelley.
She still lives in Hickory NC.
This is where we were both born and raised.
We have NEVER ever taken a vacation together- just us. 
We have laughed, cried and almost peed our pants.
You guys I am so proud of her.

I love her very much.
She is incredibly strong and resislent.

She raised two girls after a divorce in her 20's. No help and as a single mother she was determined to keep going and keep growing. My niece Miranda (her oldest daughter) is getting her PHD right now. I have three of my 5 birth children in college full time too. We defied some big odds. We wanted more. We never wanted our children to worry about heat, where their next meal was from or from abusive people. We both are determined to not allow toxic people and drama to exist. We both are big into being positive... every day.

Shelley is now the plant manager for a huge company. All the day to day operations of over 28 people. She is killing it! My little sister is a force. I am so proud of her. Also, she has another daughter Kayla who is quite amazing too. I love our little family. We may be small but we are BIG in love.

I guess you could say we are living our life boldly. The past does not define us or you.

Virgin Pina Coladas
Vitamin SEA
Hats & Sunglasses
I could not be happier

Today I shared this on my instagram page. I get so many women who tell me that they struggle (so hard) with comparing themselves. They compare their success, their life, and it's easy to think we are "less than." I am the biggest believer in that our success is ours... and ours alone. We should look at someone else's success as inspiration to KNOW it can be done. There is ENOUGH SUCCESS available to all of us. Each of us... in ABUNDANCE.

I look at my biggest role models and think.. look at what they have done. I can do my OWN thing, my OWN way and be just as unstoppable. Success is for YOU and there is no stopping a determined woman or man. 

Okay, we are in Bonaire. Time to go on a Catamaran and snorkel. 
Make Today Count!!!!

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