Monday, January 7, 2019


 This past year was a huge growth in my personal and professional life. I think going through my real life challenges to really get to this point of  having "more self love" and compassion for myself. I am a believer in less self-doubt and more self-love. It changes YOU. It changes how you LIVE.  It changes how you SEE yourself and others. It's mind-blowing!!!!!!!

This is my instagram page. I look back on what I have accomplished. I used to be so hard on myself and would FOCUS on what I had not done. Now... oh friends... I look at EVERY accomplishment and am proud of WHAT I am doing. I look at the steps every day that I am doing. This past year, I did the NYC Stationery Show in May. I debuted more planners, notebooks, gift boxes, home decor frames. It was wildly successful! 

 I am so thankful for the support of Michael's for doing an exclusive with me and Silhouette. We did the blush pink Cameo 3 Teresa Collins bundle

This is me.
I turned 50 years old- July 23rd.
I feel alive, beautiful, fearless and bold.
I am so grateful for EVERY day....
I live each day to MAKE EACH DAY COUNT-
I believe YOU should too!

I moved my yearly creative- CREATE YOUR STORY after over ten years from VEGAS to the exquisite Park City Utah.

I was so nervous. What if no one came?
I was so wrong and we SOLD OUT upon announcing it.
We over sold out HOTEL PARK CITY and had to get a second hotel across the street to accommodate our attendees. 

I should have moved the event years ago- but I believe things happen for a reason.
I was not going to allow FEAR to hold me back from following my heart. My gut told me to do it and I did it!

 This year will be so exception and we booked out the hotel. Yes, we moved the event back by one week. I have asked some of my most amazing talented friends to join me in teaching this year. Last year was magic, but this year is going to continue to INSPIRE. I pinch myself that men and women from around the world join me every year for three days to "create" and connect and document life and stories and create in a beautiful bold way together. 

It's simply MAGIC. It's a family reunion and I love this part of my life. It plays a special part of who I am and connecting with you.

You can sign up and join me... I would love it! 

I could talk for days on my love for planning. Mix this with my love for speaking and I have been busy. Last month I was able to speak as the Keynote Presenter at the Winter Planner Land event to 350+ amazing attendees. It was amazing! I met so many
amazing new friends. It filled my bucket to much. 

I will be speaking SATURDAY night at Planner Con. It is the largest planner event and I'm HONORED to be speaking. 
I can't wait!!!!! I will share more about this later.

Final thought today, You choose every day if you are going to be HAPPY and look for the happy in life. YOU determine your outlook and your attitude. Choose Happy.... 

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At January 7, 2019 at 11:50 AM , Blogger Jossie Posie said...

Hey Teresa! Love love reading your blog post, listening to you speak on IG stories and your great products! Thanks for putting that fire that I needed back into just being truly happy over all! I love creating and hope to make it my full time job one day!
Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us!

I am attending CHA this year and I can't wait to meet you! I recently got hired as a team member for the Wandering Planners so I will be there representing them. It's a truly been a gift to be chosen to travel with them!

At January 7, 2019 at 4:49 PM , Blogger teresa collins said...

I can't wait to meet you Jossie. I can't wait!!!!!

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