Sunday, March 17, 2019

YOU TUBE... who knew....SHARE YOUR WHY!!!!!!!

I finally did buy own YOU TUBE channel this year. I have put it off for years. I have so many videos already on youtube but none from me directly. I want to warn you. I decided it was going to be both personal and business. Why? Because for me the TWO are connected. My personal values and being and how I design and create stem from my "why." I figure if I am talking about my REAL and it has inspired my products, then it needs to be sharing it as I feel compelled to. 

The YOU TUBE story of pain and loss of being a widow.

Last Friday, I filmed the next 7 shows. I try to upload two shows a week. Some are VERY hard on me to share... like being widowed.
This show was on my stroke. I hope it helps others to not just look at someone and THINK you 
know their story. We all have a story and so much more. We never know the private battles someone has been through.

This is me explaining my BRAND NEW EMPOWERMENT SUBSCRIPTION BOX. I want to share my WHY in such a bold way with the world. It's my PURPOSE and my PASSION.

I also filmed some more that I am excited to debut with you. I hope you will check them out. I hope in some way this is another way for us to connect, and put more GOOD and light in the world. 

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At March 17, 2019 at 7:30 PM , Blogger Lillie Keeton said...

I shared on Facebook. I have followed you for years but never knew your full story. Thanks for pouring out your heart and soul to your followers.
A strong woman!

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